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I dream of this day too

Here’s to our hopes and dreams… …inshallah. Advertisements

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My Super-Duper Humsafar-related Post!

OMG. (There are better ways of opening a post but in this case there really isn’t anything else that can quite express what I want to say. Just OMG.) Humsafar. A train I definitely missed, by about a year, but … Continue reading

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Disturbing Musings

I know I’ve kinda sunken into a rut here. I’ve kinda let my blog sink into a pattern and stopped writing about whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. I started this blog out wanting it to be … Continue reading

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A peek through the curtains: Meet Real Me

I used to think that the anonymity this blog afforded me would be liberating. I thought, when I started this blog off, that I’d be able to express myself better with a clean, unbiased slate. Turns out I was kind … Continue reading

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