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Pat-myself-on-the-back Syndrome- Baby Brother Edition

Yesterday, my dad asked me to do yet another small chore (don’t remember what) for my baby brother. I got irritated and told him that I wouldn’t do it. He joking replied that I’ll only have to put up with … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists

“We do not negotiate with terrorists.” A phrase we’ve all heard countless times, in movies and sometimes on the news. One I’ve always felt was the most retarded excuse of a tactic ever. Negotiate with the terrorists, man! They’re holding … Continue reading

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Weird Thoughts 2- The real significance of childhood

Another weird post. I’m just writing this to prove my friends wrong. That thought like these are NOT as odd as they make them out to be. I actually shared this one thought of mine with a group of my … Continue reading

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Baby Bro Post Number I-forgot-which-number-I-think-3-but-I’m-not-sure

And I can’t be bothered to go back and check either. I had a nice day with BOB today, in a very long time. He’s been less and less cute lately, and I’ve been having to remind myself time and … Continue reading

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Baby Bro Post#2

I thought it’d been a while since I’d done a post on my baby brother, so I finally decided to put another one up. Yay! To my new readers if you want to fimilarize yourself with the names and know … Continue reading

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Baby Bro Post #1

I am not a baby person. Never have been, never will be. I don’t get people who go like ‘I love babies!’ and, at every gathering, go around with God-knows-whose kid. What satisfaction could you possibly derive from holding a … Continue reading

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Introducing…a new character

I’d like to introduce to you readers a new character in my existence. Well, the existence known to you, anyways. The jawavillager has a baby brother, age: almost 2. That’s right. He lives a few huts off with my parents, … Continue reading

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