Doctor Donna, The Host, and Random Family Drama

Watched the end of Doctor Who season 4 last night. I couldn’t sleep. Donna wouldn’t leave my mind. And I thought that holographic goodbye with Rimageskose was bad. I’ve realized that saying goodbye isn’t the hardest part, everyone has to part with the Doctor. It’s NOT being able to say goodbye that’s the worst. I NEED CLOSURE. It’s not fair!!! He just zaps her memories away! Doesn’t even say goodbye! She was so special, so amazing, all of that gone, her reverted to her old self. Being with the Doctor made her realize how important she was. Without those memories, isn’t she back to being Donna the eternal temp? The one who truly thinks she’s no one special? It’s killing me. At least Rose got her happily ever after. imagesI’m so, so happy about that. But what about DONNA??? Arrgghhh. He should’ve at least dropped her in the future with that guy with the stutter so she could’ve at least been with her ‘perfect man’. This show can be brutal sometimes. For the first time, I’m not so worried about the Doctor being lonely again.


In other news, I finally got around to watching The Host. I’d read the book way back when, and I liked it. The book wasn’t a work of art or anything, but it was an engrossing read. Different from what I’d expected, for sure. There were some thinBook-Poster-Hostgs that annoyed me, and kinda felt like unneeded additions to the story and characters. (*cough* Jared not wanting to sleep with Mel.*cough*) and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the movie didn’t go there. I mean, come on, it doesn’t make sense for teens to magically want to abstain at the end of the world. Thinking rationally has never been their strong point, and it would be even less so in an alien invasion. What was even better was that it was obviously done with the permission of the author herself, since she produced the movie. You know, I really feel bad for her, Stephenie Meyer, that is. Her Twilight books were good popular fiction, till the movies ruined it. I’ve always said that the movie ruined everything good about the book. It massively failed to capture the feel and narrative of the book, till the point where anyone who watched it thought the movie whole purpose was to showcase ‘sparkly vampires’. Kinda sad. Anywhoo. The Host was not a disappointment in this sense. Wanda felt very Wanda, as did Mel, Jared and Ian. (Oh, Ian….aksdfksj) They did a good job of squishing all those plot developments and chosen crucial interactions into 125 minutes. My only displeasure was that they didn’t spend as much time exploring the Ian-Wanda-Jared-Mel love quadrilateral. So maybe, just maybe, not everyone had the internal dialog that I did while watching each scene unfold, since I knew what exactly each person was thinking. I mean, they did show the main parts, but…it felt unfinished, unexplained. It didn’t come across how in-love Wanda was with Jared, and how he repeatedly hurt her or how confused she was about it all or how hurt Ian was at the fact that she, Wanda, loved Jared. On second thought, maybe it’s good they skipped out on that. It confused even me.


What else? My brother crashed our car a few days ago. The world lost its color for a while. We were pretty scared he’d go to jail, since he was driving without a license at the time. I mean, he’s HIM. He’s stupid. This is what this particular brother of mine does, he makes everyone worry and pisses them off. And there was the money aspect, since my wedding is coming up soon. Things were really tense, but alhamdulillah everything has settled down now. I was really troubled for a while in the middle. It wasn’t the accident but some people in our extended family and their reactions that bothered me. I wrote a huge post on that topic, but then realized I wasn’t comfortable uploading something so personal. I’ll probably delete the word doc itself later. But letting it out once and translating my confusion into words helped. It always does. I love you, blog. You’re the cheapest form of therapy there is. *cyberhugs*


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