Seo In-guk aka, my newest korean guy crush

SeoInGook4After finishing Answer Me, 1997, I was left floating above the world, fully content and happy. I had already fallen in love with Seo In-guk’s character, did I really need to fall for him in real life??? The last thing I needed was to give in to that tiny voice of curiosity and look him up on Wikipedia and watch his music videos on YouTube. NOOOOOO. What irreversible damage to my sanity have I done?

Regardless, he really is someone worthy of admiration. Not only can he act, he was dirt-poor once and went on to win an American Idol-like contest in Korea.


Now I see him in a whole new light. It’s like finding out Tony Stark is Iron Man. You already love him, and then you find out he’s even more awesome than you thought.

One thing, though. The thought that he might have lost that contest in the beginning and might have never gone on to act in AM1997 is unfathomable. The fact that he went through a one-in-a-million-probability-of-winning contest like that to reach us scares me. But all that did happen, phew.

I’ve selected three of his songs I like best. He’s so friggin’ cute in this first video! I just wanna get up and jump around dancing with him.


In this next one, he looks most like how he looks at present. I love the music, the lyrics, HIM SINGING, and man, does he look good in a jumpsuit. The video itself is quite interesting. Definitely not your average two-people-being-lovey-dovey. Lets see if you can separate fantasy from reality and figure out what happens when the video ends.


Last video. I think this is his first single after winning. He looks different, and I don’t much like the video, but the song is heartbreakingly good.


Yeshh. It sings live too!!!

You’re welcome.


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