Lazy Consumption


‘Lazy consumption’

That’s a phrase which oh-so-aptly describes what I’ve been doing between now and my last post. “Lazy consumption”, where one takes and takes, mindlessly, without giving back in the least. No display of appreciation, no words of praise, no expression of critical opinions, nothing. How sad.
There were times in which I completely forgot about the cyber-existence of this space, and others where I finally got inspired and came this close to writing, only to lapse back into that limbo of comatose procrastination. So many ideas, scattered now too far apart for me to gather again and write anything coherent on.

But that changes, NOW. I will be back with more bakwaaz, I promise. So non-existent followers of my blog, do not lose hope! I will soon deliver to you the most amazing mediocrity yet! Yes!


About thejawavillager

I am a mad scientist with an underground lab rivaling Dexter's that I will soon use to rule the world. Join my army or be killed in the aftermath.
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5 Responses to Lazy Consumption

  1. eva626 says:

    omg where have you been!!!!! i was so excited once i saw your post in my post feed!. welcome back. and please stay.

    missed you Jawa

  2. If I were a cat, I’d be that cat. Not any other cat, THAT ONE!

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