Weird Thoughts 2- The real significance of childhood

Another weird post. I’m just writing this to prove my friends wrong. That thought like these are NOT as odd as they make them out to be. I actually shared this one thought of mine with a group of my close friends at a recent gathering. I thought they, of all people would not declare me mentally insane. Wrong. I regretted telling them these things SO BADLY. They laughed for a good 45 min or so at my expense. Girls, I love you to pieces, but sometimes you make me feel like more of a nutcase than I already am. Wondering what was so outrageous that made them go like that? Read on.

I, ever since my first conscious memories, looked at my younger brothers and felt envy at their care-free lives. Throughout my childhood I always had at least one brother under school-going age, so everyday after comingback from school with a backload of books and a mental load of homework, I’d look at my lil brother zooming airplanes around the house and obviously feel jealousy. I knew such jealousy was pointless because everyone, including me, had years like that. My question was, what was the point of having those carefree early years if we couldn’t remember them? Seemed like an awful waste to me.

Life went on, my (then) youngest brother also started going to school and I felt somewhat satisfied. I turned 18 and lo! New brother. (Don’t get me started on what a surprise that was. I don’t like surprises. But I guess surprises or not, everything turns out OK eventually and you realize that your being a horrified drama queen is wrong. This is a whole different story) Anyways, having a baby in the house made me think of things that hadn’t occurred to me in a long time, including the memories-not-staying-with-you thing. I did all these nice things for my little brother, but disappointedly thought to myself that there really wasn’t any point, since he wouldn’t remember any of it anyhow. I joked that he’d make our lives miserable in the future, when we wouldn’t be able to do anything back to him ’cause he’d remember. We should get even for a lifetime full of wrong-doing NOW. LOL. The things I’d say just to annoy my mom. Anyways, THEN I saw my mom changing his diapers, feeding him, etc, and a horrible thought occurred to me. If we remembered our entire childhoods, we’d be left with traumatizing memories of having giant people wipe our butts and even *gulp* of BEING BREASTFED. OMG OMG OMG. What pandoras box of thought have I opened? I suddenly fully realized and felt thankful for the current order of nature. Thank you, god, for structuring the human life the way it is. Thank you. If we remembered everything from the beginning, we would not be able to look our mothers in the eye, we would not be able to FUNCTION IN SOCIETY. Thinking about the time so-and-so saw you picking your nose, the time you wet your pants, the time you barfed over your aunts hair, the time you…you get the point. Ahhh, thank god we’re safe from such trauma that would scar us forever.

Now, was coming to this conclusion so irrational and unlikely? I don’t think so. My friends couldn’t stop laughing. They were at first like, “ewww” and then “OK, That’s all fine, but WHY WOULD YOUR MIND EVEN GO THERE? Dude, Jawa, mashallah you have a really unique way of thinking.”
WAS IT THAT BAD? I just thought it was an enlightening thought that I came upon independently which made me appreciate the blackhole of missing memories from my early childhood and infancy. I thought anyone else who’d know would feel the same. Not only that, but that they’d THANK ME. Couldn’t have been more far from the truth.


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19 Responses to Weird Thoughts 2- The real significance of childhood

  1. chick pea says:

    You’re so weird. You know that, don’t you?

  2. You gotta be you… I guess… [;-}

  3. BookAddict says:

    Liked the thought! we are all insane at thinking. It’s the complexity of our minds, the good thing is you thought of something harmless.

    Loved reading about your Baby bro!

  4. BookAddict says:

    I actually liked the thought, some of us think too much of just everything. Every weird thing at times. Good that this thought of yours is harmless.

    Loved reading about your baby bro, he’s growing up fast. mA sha Allah!

    -Hani 🙂

  5. Jo says:

    Um…I didn’t think that was weird at all. So you’re not weird to me even a little bit. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve had a conversation about it at some point in my life, with a cousin or something. Because I remembered her loving to strip and run around naked.

    On the flip side….I happen to be one of those people who CAN remember things from before the age of 3 (not everything, thank God, just some random things that have been pinpointed time-wise by my mother once I told her about them) – and my daughter remembers almost nothing from before the age of 6, I swear. She thinks I never played with her :(. Maybe she just says it to get my goat. Anyway…I think a mid-way point between memory and blank slate is to be desired.

    • True ,it would be sad to not remember any of it. I have quite a lot of bits and pieces of memories in my head. They’re nice to look back to. I remember thinking that I never wanted to change as an adult. Keeping those memories keeps me from becoming too boring-adult-like. Plus, I swear this was an so freaky, I had forgotten memory from when I was probably about two years old come back to me as a dream, no, a nightmare. I had this dream when I was in my teens and it scared the crap outta me. I feel dreamt that I was in our old house in Pakistan and my aunts and uncles were there. And I was lying in the middle of the bed, pinned down my my relatives and parents who were trying to get a wrestling me into a diaper. I was like holy **** what the hell are these people trying to do to me? I’m all grown up! It was a nightmare, or thats what I thought till I happened to mention it to my mom years later. She just looked at me and went like, that isn’t just a dream, that actually happened.and she explained how this one day this particular event transpired in the presence of those particular relatives. It didn’t make it less scary.

      • Jo says:

        that’s what happened to me with the memories too! I told my mom about a dream I thought I had, but it was a memory that floated up. 1 – rode my little tricycle into the Christmas tree which fell over on me (just after age 3). 2 – I described a back yard that kept appearing in dreams to me, which apparently was from a home we left when I was not quite 2 Thank Goodness for Moms, ne?.

  6. Mackaboom says:

    Hahaha! Good one.. This is one of the places, my head goes to, as well :D… I liked how you summed up all of it by “functioning in society”. It’s quite true. And it’s not only childhood that you forget things from. I mean, 10 years from now, you probably won’t even remember you posted this specific blog, and then someday you’ll happen to see it, and you’ll be like “ohhhh…” and you’ll just smile, and move on to the next page. I guess same happens, when we see our really old toys, a fragment of a memory just springs up in our head, and we’re not even sure if it IS a memory. Anyway, my point is that it doesn’t matter if your little brothers or your friends won’t remember everything, it’s the bond that forms between you and them, by doing those things, that matter. I guess. And then you just think, that i love this person, and i don’t know why. Well, I believe, this here is the why, which we all eventually forget..

    • You’re absolutely right. Put a whole new spin on my post. I like it. 😀 I’ve often thought about why I like some more than others, especially people I’ve formed an attachment to since before I could remember. Specific aunts, cousins, friends, etc. They must have bribed me with candy all that time ago! I should do the same with little kids now. They’ll grow up to do what I say without even knowing why. MY ARMY BECKONS ME MUAHAHAHAHAAA

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