Thoughts on Penny Pinchers

Penny Pinchers/Penny Pinching Romance

The actual title is the second one, but Imma go with the former because of the reason illustrated beneath:

Yeah, I think that sums it up. Penny Pinching Romance may be the official title, but it is VERY MISLEADING. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for the romance. The end approached and THEN, HELLO! Romance, and that only a peck. Geez this movie sure was stingy, in more ways than one. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, oh no. It’s just that the title lead me to have false hopes, that’s all.

...cheapass. Though I hated the cheapass girlfriend more. Slutty goldigger.

Personally, though, I didn’t really like the plot either. Han Ye-seul gave a perfunctory performance, as always, and I didn’t like her character either. Money is a sensitive topic, in the sense that I, like most people, I assume, don’t like to have too much importance attached to it, probably owing to the fact that in real life, it is damn important. But this is fiction! We want love to win over money and all the stuff that prevails in reality. Han Ye-seul’s character loved, breathed, ate money. She chose money over all other things, her pride, her love life, her appearance, her standard of living, everything. Yet almost all the way till the end that’s exactly how she remained.

SJK acting cute. HYS acting frozen, as always. I've given up expecting expressions on her perfectly sculpted face.

I didn’t much like Song Joong-ki’s character in the beginning, but in this sense he was pretty much her polar opposite. He didn’t give a damn about making money, as long as he could scratch by and get laid. He was like that in the beginning of the film, but learns self-sufficiency through Hong-sil (HYS’s character) and teaches her the value of non-monetary things enough to want them at all. He at first just mooches off her but soon learns to care for her and goes out of his way to protect her in the only way he can. The plot, to be honest, was pretty bleh. The only real redeeming thing about the film is Song Joong-ki. He was completely ADORABLE, albeit with an utterly forgivable amount of Asshole. But he’s SJK! You can’t NOT love him. This was the first time I saw him out side of the Joseon era in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, so I was curious; would he still be as natural and fluid in his acting as he was in SKKS? The answer is YES. He was spot on in this film. His lines through most of the film were lighthearted and made to be delivered with comedic timing, which he was a pro at. He made me laugh, roll my eyes, giggle, ie, all the things I should have done. Towards the end, when his role required levity, he brought that. And oh, did he bring it. (He storms in, throws the papers at her face and yells at her in a voice that, so far, I didn’t even know he had.) Few actors can maintain that balance. Between simplistic goofballishness and goof with an underlying passion that can acutely feel pain; ones own and of others.

If you’re looking for a different sort of rom-com, a film with good chemistry between the leads,  a flick with purrty faces and good acting (from SJK, that is), or just plain bored then watch this film.

Points (out of 10):
How much I enjoyed it: 7
How good I really think it was: 7.5
Acting(SJK’s): 9
Acting: (everyone elses):5


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