Weird Thoughts- Analog Vs Digital Clocks

I know, right? How random. But it is, nevertheless, the hard fruit of my hours of deep thought during lazy afternoons, so I thought I’d try to elucidate it in the form of a blog post.   Most people already think I’m a little nuts, so I’ve got nothing to lose from writing this post. I just hope SOMEONE concurs by the end of it.

Why am I talking about something to insignificant? I dunno. The human brain perhaps. Let me explain from the beginning. A few years ago I bought a watch for daily wearing and since I ended up liking this clunky-looking purple and black rubber watch, I bought it. It had a digital dial, but I never really gave much thought to it. After buying it I realized that it was hard from me to accurately tell time from it. I mean, I could TELL time, I just had to sort of imagine the same time being shown in a conventional dial in my head to get an idea of how much time really had passed or how much time was left. I also then noticed how I’d rather look at the analog dial on the Vista sidebar rather than the digital time on the system tray. It all seemed kind of odd to me, but I assumed that time was probably meant to be seen on a round dial with pointy things. This all didn’t really spark my interest until one day a friend of mine told me that she hated analog clocks and till this day has trouble telling time from it. I asked her if she only had digital watches in her house, to which she said yes. YES! *major lightbulb moment* I had my answer, or crude thoery at least. I grew up in a house of only analog clocks, and having gotten used to them, my mind had trouble interpreting readings from digital ones. Same principle could be applied to my friend, except turned around on it’s head. She was used to digital, and analog confused her.

This also explained why I was such a redneck retard when it came to my digital watches. Both on my arm and on my cell phone home screen, I’d squee with excitement every time a palindrome or pattern appeared in the digits. Same thing if numbers appeared in chronological order, like 12:34 or 01:23. I’d drop anything I was doing and, like a mental kid with my eyes all wide, point towards the clock holler for all in the vicinity…”OMG IT’S ONE TWO THREE FOUR!!!” That’s how stupid it’d make me, that I always said the numbers, not the time. 1010, 1001, 1221, etc etc. each new pattern would get me in a flurry of grade-school number nerd excitement. Even minus the obvious patterns, I’d try to find codes in random times. (oh, it’s 04:22…2+2 is 4!!! I am a genius!!!)

I think you get the point. I asked my friend if she did this and she gave me a crazy look. (the same look you are probably making at the screen as you read this)

The last postulate of my theory is this: that with sufficient time and exposure, your mind can be conditioned to effectively respond to both forms of time-telling. I’ve been using my digital watch for a few years now, and can confidently say that telling time on it is second nature to me now.

Does this make sense to you readers? Maybe me and my friend lie at opposite ends of the spectrum, with most normal people in the middle, being able to tell time either which way and never having occasion to think about it in this sense. I dunno. I rest my case.

My trusty old watch. The scrolling message in it is still says 'hakuna matata'. LOL. I love this shabby ol' thing.


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6 Responses to Weird Thoughts- Analog Vs Digital Clocks

  1. MadDino says:

    I’ve almost exclusively used digital clock my whole life. I know how to read time with an analog watch, but it takes me twice as long.

    I also do the same thing with digits. Wait till they are in some sequence. Then I do a little dance and go back to my boring little life.

  2. Mai Ward says:

    Both are fine with me. What’s REALLY hard is trying to read my geeky friends’ BINARY watches :/ I gave up on that although computers are (used to be?) my major. It’s a waste of time.

  3. Raine says:

    I use both, but I feel and judge the passage of time better with analogue. That said, I have a very difficult time with accurate time telling with analogue. I can match the time of day with the sun and an analogue, but if you asked me to say what the number is, I’d rather use a digital. It’s a little strange. But as a kid, I didn’t learn to read analogue til like 3rd grade. I just couldn’t do it.

    In the end though. I use analogue clocks in my room, digital alarms and like to have both for the ‘feel’ and for the ‘accuracy’. Make sense? I have no idea.

  4. Antuz123 says:

    I think there is more to it. Analogue is visual, you know the angles. You know when the lunch is and at what angle you get to leave the office. Digital has no sense of proportion, it tells you what it is now but how does that compare to the day, how much of it has passed and what remains? When you look analogue, you get it. It is about where you are in the circle and that tells a lot more.

    • True! You are absolutely right. I’ve gotten myself used to the digital clocks by visualizing the same time in analogue. Analogue just makes sense that way. There’s order and comfort in the sense of relativity in analogue clocks.

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