1 Night 2 Day aka The Best Variety Show on Earth

No I’m not kidding, or exaggerating. This show is the best kind of pick-me-up there is. It blew my mind with the funny about a year ago when I first discovered it (Courtesy of Dramabeans) and has since never failed to make me smile. Proof of the sheer entertainment power of the show can be proved by the fact that my cheeks hurt from smiling so wide for the hour-long length of the show. And man, smiling from ear to ear continuously for an hour is HARD. Had to make weird faces at the wall to get my face to NOT feel like a rubber mask anymore, but it was still worth it. It’s even worth the odd looks I get when I watch the show outdoors. I love the show so much that I keep a few episodes on my cellphone to watch whenever out and about and bored, and always have to try hard not to burst out laughing like a crazy person in public (I fail).

Wondering what the show’s about? It’s supposedly themed around travel and aimed at increasing tourism in Korea, but any dummy knows it’s really about watching 6 grown men, celebrities, no less, suffer. It’s absolutely wicked. Pure, unadulterated evil, with lots of funny and a bit of warm fuzzy thrown in.

Every other weekend, these 6 men, each famous in their own right, are banded together, forced to go to remote places, often in absurd means of transport, with little or no money(their wallets are confiscated), underfed , and made to sleep outdoors in the freezing cold. On top of that, they are pitted against each other to win the little that they are allowed, with a few real treats thrown in. Its a REAL survival show. You see the celebrities stripped of their egos and pride (“What pride?” they say..), doing any and everything they can not to end up with the short end of the stick. And there is ALWAYS a short stick. The games are so simple, like rock paper scissors, multiplication games, or name-the-capital, yet these seemingly harmless games become mountain-like obstacles,  just because of the stakes attached to them.


Why would successful singers, actors and comedians put themselves through such torture? Because torture’s not the only thing about the show. What makes this show truly work is the friendship and camaraderie between the guys. They will fight to the death, but in the end, will meekly come over and share what they have with their hyungs and dongsaengs. They’ll make fun of each other, tease and unabashedly double and triple cross one another, but when moments of truth come, they will gladly go through any challenge for each other. Despite the hardships, they are usually seen in festive moods, always ready for a laugh. It’s their (usually) good nature and unique love/hate for the show that makes this show so worth watching. There was this one episode where they had a game right at the opening shoot, with the winner being allowed to go home for the weekend. They played, and it was cut-throat. Ended with two winners cheering and hugging each other in happiness, only to have one of the losers go like,’ It’s good. We didn’t wanna go home. That would have been boring.’ Both of the victors froze and realized that they didn’t want to go home either. The stayers and crew members had to force them off site. That was sooo funny. They (the winners) kept loitering at the outskirts, trying to convince the others that they’d have a BLAST on their own. Ended up not being able to go home and falling asleep at a nearby restaurant. LOL. They came back later but it was soo hilarious, watching them desperately not wanting to admit it.

yay teamwork!

This is just one example of life on 1n2d. The guys are truly the main attraction. Their antics have gotten more and more bizarre over time; sometimes belting out their hit songs at highway rest stops to earn money for food to holding actual impromptu concerts. They leave you thinking at the end of each episode that now you’ve seen it all. Because of them, no two trips are ever the same. Only the food and sleeping arrangement games are kept constant. The games are so cunning in their simplicity, it makes you wonder who thinks all this awesome stuff up. Your answer: The small army of writers and production directors, who also dutifully read up on viewer feedback for even more fun ideas. The guys are not ones to take it all lying down. There have been celebrity vs crew matches (and oh, how epic were they) that made you bite your nails in suspence.

out of that filled table, they'll probably get the eat about half, unless there's a special occasion and the producers are feeling particularly merciful

One more mention-worthy thing. This show is all about Korea, it’s sights, its customs, and most importantly, it’s FOOD. To see the starving guys finally be served steaming plates of rice, kimchi stew, or even ramyun makes my mouth water.  The orgy-like sounds they make when they make, see, smell and subsequently eat the food gives me the WORST Korean food cravings ever. Which is so weird, since sometimes they eat the grossest looking food (read: raw everything). Tables piled with lots of little plates with all sorts of things. Wilted vegetabley things, kimchi, sauces, raw fishes, grilled meat, lettuce wraps, lots of colorful looking whats-its. Just writing about it is making me wanna taste what raw fish dipped in red pepper paste tastes like (was in my last watched episode) or what that black icky-looking Chinese noodles thing they usually eat tastes like (I think it’s called jjangmyun. not sure). IMMA GO MAKE ME SOME RAMYUN NOW. Trust me, the food cravings are no joke. You do NOT wanna watch this show on an empty stomach.

yeah, they even follow them into the bathrooms. It's so funny to watch them brush their teeth uncomfortably, and then 'help' each other wash up by dumping icy cold water on their backs.

I’m wondering if I should skip on the character introductions. Nah, I’ll write a line on each. Note the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics.


Kang Ho-dong: He’s the ‘leader’, if you will. He does all the emceeing and gets the show going. Is an ex-wrestler and currently really overweight. Is obsessed with food. Is often teased, but is ruthless in a fight. No one has ever beat him in a wrestling game, ever.


Lee Su-geun: The Funny Guy. Farts a lot. The whole of Korea knows this. Is also the default driver.


Lee Seung-gi: Singer/rising actor. He’s the most starlet-like of the bunch. Is also the smartest. Also occasionally horrible at a lot of things, mainly cooking. If he ever puffs his feathers before a game, you can safely assume he’ll lose. (actually, that’s true of ALL the members) But he’s cute, and that wins him a boatload of points. 😀


MC Mong: Resident monkey. He used to come in the older episodes, that I’m currently going through. Can be safely related with the Energizer bunny. A FUNNY bunny. har har, that rhymed. But no seriously, this guy is inexhaustible, but not annoying, at least to us viewers. There was this one episode that surrounded just him, in which he went on live tv and won an award and all. He cried after it. That whole episode was epic.


Kim C: Also from the old episodes. Don’t know him that well. Is not as talkative as the rest, but what little he says has weight. Is really funny-looking, like he’s perpetually in pain.


Eun Ji-won: Is nicknamed Eun Cho-ding. Meaning ‘grade-schooler’. Used to be an idol. Is now all grown up, but has the mentality of a scheming elementary schooler. I love him and his (undeniably immature yet usually successful) antics.


Um Tae-woong: Is the newest member. Is also the biggest star. The guys were at first confused as to why someone so flippin’ famous would want to join the show. Is a real oddball. Not deliberately funny, just funny because everyone makes fun of him and teases him so much. Is also really shy.


Kim Jong-min: The goof. Screws up at EVERY opportunity. Is a black sheep. His every plan goes awry. Also very immature.

That’s it I guess. I could write more, but I think this post has gotten far longer than anyone would read. If this doesn’t persuade you to give this show a try, then you’re the ones missing out! 😀

You can watch the subtitled episodes online at boosaysharingiscaring.com
You’ll first have to sign up to see the uploads (To evade KBS and their copyright schemes) Everything is uploaded to YouTube as private videos.


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  1. Khushbakht says:

    since i am dead bored, i guess i’ll watch this show soon..Btw nice blog java!

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