No Title

Yes, that’s the actual title. I just didn’t wanna go through the headache of thinking of a title for a post that even I don’t know will be about. I feel so out of it these days. Life has gotten SO MUCH BUSIER. I just DON’T have the time to read or write anymore. AND I MISS IT LIKE CRAP. I miss writing. I miss reading the blogs that I follow. I miss discussing dramas, movies and actors/actresses. And what sucks is that I don’t see the clouds of busy-ness letting up anytime soon. I have a month of school-time full of tests left and right, and then 15 days of final exams, right after which I’ll have to leave for my exams. Geez, I have a month and a half till exams, and I haven’t studied shit. I’m thinking of purposely leaving my headphones at home so I don’t listen to music at every idle opportunity and actually get some studying done. *sigh* I’m thinking of quitting teaching.


OR I might just switch to a less hectic school(read: better organized school where I can hopefully teach older kids).

Anyways, aside from that, My uncle and his family’s here in Saudi for Umrah (pilgrimage to Makkah) We’re all super-excited, since his kids are our ages, and it’s gonna be so weird having them here when we’re so used to seeing them in Pakistan. It’s a kiddish way of thinking, but true nevertheless. We’re gonna have them over in our hometown for a few days, and I’m planning to do EVERYTHING in that space of time. The only drawback is that on the very day they arrive in town, my friend is getting married. She lives in a city about 3 hours away, by car, and I’m going to miss it. I feel so bad, but there’s nothing I can do. I wanted to be there so badly, but I don’t know if she really understands. She says she does, but I can hear the disappointment in her way of talking.

Ok, I’ll wrap up this non-post with a list of up-coming posts that I need to get my butt on. I don’t care if I’ll regret it later (*checks time*OH NO, it’s midnight here! And I have two sets of notebooks to check! And tests to type up! All of which will take at least an hour!) uhhh, like I said, I don’t care. The posts are:
1. The genius of 1N2D
2. Skip Beat: Thoughts on the manga
3. Taegukgi: A review-turned recap

Will hopefully get them done this week. Hopefully.


About thejawavillager

I am a mad scientist with an underground lab rivaling Dexter's that I will soon use to rule the world. Join my army or be killed in the aftermath.
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4 Responses to No Title

  1. eva626 says:

    congrats on your friend on her wedding! shaadi season lol

    missed your posts !!!! cant wait to read the upcoming ones. get to it!

  2. foraredrose says:

    Feel better, jawa! I hope that even through all of the craziness, you don’t forget to live in the moment 🙂 ❤

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