It’s been so long since I wrote about anything music-related, the reason being that I haven’t been hunting down and downloading any. I haven’t had time, but the music I downloaded in the time I did have was really pathetic. I used to like RnB and rap. Not so much anymore. Everything sounds so fake. That’s not music, it’s an ode to your ego. I don’t care how many cars you have, how much you can swag or how many b*tches you can bag. (Ha! That was completely unintentional!) Out of a few hundred songs I directly put on my iPod, I found only a handful that I liked.

That said, I want to call you attention to the most amazing band on the planet. I’ve heard a lot of their old songs, but this one happened to escape my notice till recently. As soon as I heard it and saw the accompanying music video, I KNEW I had to share it with as many people as I sould possible reach out to.

Sigur Ros. Their music moves me like no other. I mentioned a song of their’s in an old post of mine, Meet Music Me. They make evergreen music, the kind you can never tire of. Pure emotion. Here’s a little bit about the language used in the song.

Vonlenska is a term used to describe the unintelligible lyrics sung by the band in particular by Jón Þór Birgisson. It is also commonly known by the English translation of its name, Hopelandic. It takes its name from “Von”, a song on Sigur Rós’s debut album Von where it was first used.

Vonlenska is a non-literal language, without fixed syntax, and differs from constructed languages that can be used for communication. It focuses entirely on the sounds of language; lacking grammar, meaning, and even distinct words. Instead, it consists of emotive non-lexical vocables and phonemes in effect, Vonlenska uses the melodic and rhythmic elements of singing without the conceptual content of language. In this way, it is similar to the use of scat singing in vocal jazz.

The band’s website describes it as “a form of gibberish vocals that fits to the music”

Despite the unintelligible words, the voice and music create this amazing harmony that literally carries your soul away. This, my friends, is what music should be like. With no other purpose than to soothe you and make you happy from within.

Watch the music video. I don’t think it’s the official music video, but it will, quite literally, blow you away. I never thought mushroom clouds could be so beautiful.

Do comment if you liked it!


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I am a mad scientist with an underground lab rivaling Dexter's that I will soon use to rule the world. Join my army or be killed in the aftermath.
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2 Responses to -Hjomalind-

  1. Min says:

    Oh I like this song, I’ve never heard of them so thanks for introducing me to a knew group 🙂
    I thought the video beautiful but disturbing, I kept thinking “How many lives would be lost in such an explosion?” – I hope that I never get to witness such morbid beauty up close and personal.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 Yes, the video is disturbing BUT I think no lives were lost. Don’t you think they’re like test runs in the middle of nowhere? I honestly thought that. The fact that they might be real ones is unsettling. :S

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