Sea Report: January 1, 2012

Think of this as a weather report, but not about weather. I’m going to report and wax lyrical about the color of the sea on a particular day. Thing is, the road to and from the school I teach at goes right along the coast, almost the entire way. I love it. I feel so lucky to visit the sea everyday. (I say hi to it every morning in my head). The whole time I’m in the bus, I just listen to my music and stare out the window, with intervals of yelling at kids to sit their butts down and shut up. On my first day of school, I took a picture of it with my crappy phone, while all the other kids sat in dull bemusement. How can you get used to something so beautiful?

It fills me with awe, the sea. Some days it’s light blue, some days it’s gray, some days it’s almost like it’s divided, part one color and part another. We pass the local seaport, then round a bend where the sun flashes BRILLIANTLY on the surface of the water, then a marshy area, then a whole stretch of undeveloped beach, then an even longer stretch of area that is under development. That area is filled with all sorts of heavy duty machinery like dump trucks and scooper thingies and dinosaur-like cranes (I imagined a field of dinosaurs the first time I saw them. It was a dry, dusty day, and the sand was swirling around (what looked like) dinosaur necks. So cool.) Anyhow, I like the entire route. Even now, I make sure to sit on the port side of the bus in the morning, and the starboard side in the afternoon. Once we went home via a different route, and I felt so disappointed! Just boring, dusty shops lining the roads and boring artificially created flower beds.

So yeah, normally a sea report post will be really short, and maybe contain a picture (if I can be so inclined at the time). Today’s sea report goes like this:

The first day of the new year greeted us with a morning shower. It was really dark when I woke up. Even when I left the house the sky was darker than usual. This may not seem like cause for excitement, but in a country where it’s sunny 99% of the time, the least variation in the weather is the equivalent of it raining magic sparkles. So yeah, the weather was beautiful. It started raining on the way to school. The entire bus was filled with delighted shrieks of ‘It’s raining!’ in about four languages. The sky was a mottled mix of light and dark grey splotches, and the sea was a dark, serious gunmetal gray that contrasted well with the lighter horizon. IT WAS SO ROMANTIC. If only we had sheer cliffs which the waves would dramatically crash against. 😀


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11 Responses to Sea Report: January 1, 2012

  1. Mackaboom says:

    oh dear… I miss home! and the sea :S

    btw, i love your work yet again! keep up the good work girl!

  2. alua says:

    I get your excitement about the rain. When I lived in New Mexico (US), we’d do the same kind of happy dance when it rained (basically just once a year, for a few days in August).

    I love Asian monsoon rain too and the ‘winter’ rain equivalent in Central America.

    Although, at the moment, what I would really like is some SNOW, but it’s like +4-5 C here!!!! Whatever happened to winter?

    • Odd fact: It’s HAILED here in my town in Saudi Arabia, but it’s never snowed. I wanna see snow! (They’re the magic sparkles to me)

      • alua says:

        You have never seen snow? (Makes sense though.) I hope you get to experience it sooner rather than later, but not in Saudi Arabia, but somewhere where you’re longing to travel. Do you get changing seasons, i.e. autumn with coloured leaves?

        • I do hope so! Only some trees shed leaves here. There’s still too much green for the red and orange to be that noticeable. BUT I remember walking on this one path everyday which used to be littered with dry leaves. Discovered that I LOVE crunching leaves with my feet. This is from a long time ago, btw

      • Raine says:

        It’s hailed here too but never snowed!

  3. Raine says:

    That sounds lovely Jawa! I enjoy most of my drives everyday too! I love going to work on Miami beach, going over bridges and stuff. 😀

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