Thank You!

I think I am the last one to post my Thank You post. Hehe, maybe I’m someone’s Leibster because of my very habit of procrastination? Maybe? No? Oh.

My dear blogging-friends Bitter, Raine, and Min have graciously bestowed me with the Leibster award. Leibster is German for ‘dearest’. Cool, eh?

The rules of winning the award are:

1. To thank the givers and give them a big, fat cyber kiss.
*all hell breaks loose* Done.
Bitter put up a struggle towards the end but I nabbed her in the unconsciousness-inducing pressure point, so all’s good. Min and Raine didn’t dare rebel after seeing how I dealt with Bitter.

2.  Choose 5 blogs with less than 200 followers to pass the award on to. (Because the high and mighty 200+ followers blogs don’t need our appreciation. Yeah, I’m petty like that.:P)

3. Paste the award on a post and be happy.

My choices are:

1. Maddino/Deeno: A sadistic fellow k-drama junkie. Has a taste for blood and death. (so cool) Recaps T-dramas in a unique and grossly entertaining way. Is also handy with technology. Has a pink dinosaur sidekick named Frank. Don’t be fooled, though. There’s nothing cute or cheery about him. He’s cool like that.
2. Alua: There is nothing loony about this alualuna. (HP reference! keke). Is a versatile and mature writer. Loves films from all around the world, travelling and most importantly DRAMAS. (Do we see a running theme in my chosen ones? Yes, I think we do.)

err, umm. We have a problem. Can I pass it to people who already have it? I haven’t been blogging for long, and DRAT, if I hadn’t taken so long, I could have nominated you guys. I will come back and update this post as soon as I make new Leibsters. (LOL, that sounds like making a new hybrid species of puppies or something. Makin’ a Leibster, yo.) So yeah, thank you again to the very special people who nominated me. Love you guys. Hopefully I can make lots of quickie Leibsters soon and complete the list! Yes, I did that on purpose.


About thejawavillager

I am a mad scientist with an underground lab rivaling Dexter's that I will soon use to rule the world. Join my army or be killed in the aftermath.
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29 Responses to Thank You!

  1. alua says:

    That “big fat cyber kiss” comment made me laugh.

    I hope ‘mature’ refers to the writing style, not my age (I’m not an ajumma yet!) :-). But I’m thrilled – ¡qué chiva! (That’s Costa Rican slang for ‘how cool/nice/exciting’ etc…. somehow that phrase expresses my feelings most accurately.)

    I feel I barely touch on dramas in my blog though, I have only reviewed Smile so far. There are a few dramas I would like to review (indeed, it would be great to review, maybe even recap, one as I watch it while it is being screened) but I always cop out – a 2 hour film is so much easier to deal with than 11, 16, 20 episodes….

    • It DOES refer to your writing style. Don’t worry, you quit being an Unni only when you want to. I read your review of Smile. I don’t remember if I commented, but I liked it. Your review, I mean. I’m not a fan of Matsojun so I probably won’t watch it. Plus currently I’m in the mood for fluffy entertainment only 😛 And I agree, movies are a lighter commitment compared to dramas

      • alua says:

        There’s plenty of fluffy Matsujun you know… starting with Kimi wa petto of course… Sorry, I just had to say this because I, umm, rather adore Matsujun. Because he can act (in fact, I think he should abandon his singing career because Arashi’s music really doesn’t do it for me at all, and Matsujun’s singing voice even less so). And he’s gorgeous. 🙂 Immensely photogenic too (speaking as a photography buff here).

        Actually, I think he’s at his best in Smile, although that isn’t why one should watch it. It’s the topic, the fact that there is actually a Japanese production that deals with racism and the whole, completely, shockingly taboo issue of discrimination of gajins (foreigners) in Japan. That’s why that dorama is important, and more of a must-watch than, say, Hana Yori Dango. I guess this is probably why this is the only drama I ever reviewed – the ‘entertaining’ ones are covered by all the other bloggers…

        • BUT HE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN BRACES WHEN HE WAS YOUNG! (I dunno why that popped into my head)
          I admire him, I really do. I watched half of Hana Yori Dango and all of Kimi wa Petto, and I love his portrayals as both characters, BUT I am just not convinced of the ‘pretty’ in him. Everyone has their own standards for beauty, but I’m just more used to the Korean one. Which is kinda a given since they themselves promote the ‘western’ ideals of beauty (double eyelids, slim face, etc).
          Have you watched that movie in which he falls for his sister? I read the synopsis and it seriously scared me. I have a brother whom I think of as my twin (he’s older, but acts like a kid). I wouldn’t be able to retain a grip on sanity if I watched that. Some topics…must they be ventured into?

          • alua says:

            He did eventually get braces (compare pics from Matsujun’s teens and now). I think I slightly appreciate Japanese looks over the Korean one, but that’s a purely individual preference (plus very superficial of me of course).

            僕は妹に恋をする (Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru)? Yes, I have seen it. It’s based on a manga (same title), which is okay, although I don’t particularly care for it. It does hint at the fact that they might not be biological siblings (whether that is eventually confirmed or not, I don’t know – never went back to check whether new scanlations had been released, the manga wasn’t well-written/well-drawn enough to keep me interested). The film is o-kay – not great, and it can only superficially explore the topic because it’s not very long (only covers part of the manga), but of course it deals with rather controversial issues. I prefer the film over the manga though, as the latter too much presents the twin-girl as a very weak female shōjo character, while the film focuses a bit more on the emotional inner conflict of both. There are some sweet scenes in it (particularly the ending), certainly if you choose to forget for a moment that they are siblings and simply focus on the fact that they simply care for each other very much.

            Found it kind of interesting Matsujun chose to do that role, but then I can appreciate it if actors make unconventional rather than ‘safe’ choices.

            Must some topics be ventured into? Well, I would rather that topics not be taboo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I would watch everything… In the case of 僕は妹に恋をする, I don’t think relationships between siblings are condoned, rather that sometimes these things happen – the film’s ending {SPOILER ALERT} isn’t ‘happy happy’, it’s sort of unresolved, suggesting that it’s a complicated and unfortunate situation with no good outcome possible really…

            But if the topic makes you feel uncomfortable, definitely don’t watch it. Aside from the topic, there are plenty of better films/dramas out there to invest your time in.

        • Raine says:

          I love MatsuJun but haven’t gotten to smile yet. I did like Natsu no Koi wa Nijiro ni Kagayaku. Low key, but he was wonderful. He’s cute, but not my style. I’m more of a Mizushima Hiro or Miura Haruma person. But he’s a fab actor. Terrible singer. It makes me cringe to listen to him. I also like Kamenashi Kazuya.

          • alua says:

            Matsujun over Mizushima, Miura and Kamenashi for me 🙂 … looks-wise and acting-wise (although none of them are bad).

            I am with you on the singing though. But I like the close bond that the Arashi members have – because they seem like genuine friends of the sort that you only rarely encounter in life. And that’s admirable and probably not something you see often in showbiz.

    • Raine says:

      ¡qué chiva! I totally haven’t heard that in a while. I used to have tons of Puerto Rican friends, but right now their mostly Colombian and Cuban.

      Yes, mature writing style definitely defines you. I enjoy it. It’s very different from me. Mine reflects my firecracker personality (and temper…haha)

  2. Becoming Bitter says:

    Hahahaha! *stops laughing*

    Only in your imagination would I succumb to a big, fat cyber kiss like that.

    Sorry I couldn’t comment earlier… I’m drowning in science right now.

    Love you Villager! You deserve this award.

  3. missmoots says:

    LIBSTER , a big fatttt cyber kiss LOL..
    thats a new vocab to me 🙂
    keep up writing ❤ and yes, you deserve the award 🙂

  4. The Hook says:

    Better late than never, right?
    Great post – and congrats!

  5. Lafemmeroar says:

    Congratulations! And thanks for sharing the links of two bloggers I’ll have to check out 🙂

    • Thank you! And do check out the bloggers that nominated me too. You know, Bitter, of course, but Raine and Min both have pretty cool blogs too. Even as a non-asian drama watching person, you might find their insights funny/educating/entertaining. 😀

  6. Becoming Bitter says:

    Yo cyber kissing Villager. I put up a new post. Enjoy *evil smile*

  7. Raine says:

    You deserve it! And I like kisses. You read my Awkward Greeting Shuffle post, right? This means we wont have to do it! Me and Min totally rock the cheek kiss.

    Your blog rocks. You just got like 5 or 6 comments from me too.

    • I know! I love getting comments from you! *cheek kiss* EVERYONE does the cheek kiss here. I didn’t know people in the West did it.

      • Raine says:

        In Europe they do, both cheeks. Central/South America does one and wherever their are Spanish speakers you find it. Seriously, some white people ARE SO UPTIGHT ABOUT IT! And I can say that, I’m white!

        • alua says:

          In some parts of Europe it’s one, in others it’s two kisses. In the Netherlands it’s even three!

          After having been exposed to too many different cultural ways of greetings, I can no longer keep it straight, where it’s one, two or three kisses (okay, three kisses is easy, that’s only the Netherlands in my experience), hands, no hands, hug, no hugs, bow, same sex only, both male/female, acceptable/expected distance between people, etc….. I let others initiate greetings because I don’t want to offend anyone!

          • Smart. Letting them initiate it. In Saudi Arabia, it’s same sex only (duh) but they do it many many times on each cheek. They have entire conversations between the kisses. It’s something you have to see to get. Like, shake hands, still holding onto hands, kiss left cheek, ‘Ahlan! (hello)’, kiss left cheek again, ‘hey to you too!’, kiss right cheek ‘how are you?’, kiss right cheek again, ‘I’m good!’, kiss right cheek again, ‘that’s good, alhamdulillah!’
            gaah, I’m sure I’m messing up in the order somewhere. They do it superfast, too. I let the person kissing me do the counting and I just go with it. Usually I think it’s done and then they pull me back in for a final one. LOL. They go like, ‘Not so fast, Jawa.’

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