A peek through the curtains: Meet Real Me

I used to think that the anonymity this blog afforded me would be liberating. I thought, when I started this blog off, that I’d be able to express myself better with a clean, unbiased slate. Turns out I was kind of, sort of, wrong. I thought that the place I live, the place I am from and the lesser details of my current situation do not describe me, but I guess that, to a certain extent, they do. I am itching to write about certain things, but I have to stop myself, thinking, ‘dude, this’ll blow my cover’. I know I’ve already given away a lot via comments and all, but just think of this as a proper re-introduction.

I am Pakistani girl, brought up in Saudi Arabia. I’ve lived here my entire life, save summers spent in the even worse heat of Karachi, Pakistan. I love it here. I know there are those who read ‘Saudi Arabia’ and immediately imagine sand dunes and dusty parched streets, with camels wandering here and there. You might imagine a land of hostility, restrictions, and crappy internet speeds. (You’d be right about the crappy internet, though) I want to let people know the country I know. It’s beautiful here, no matter if you’re standing in the middle of the desert outside town with its impossibly vast horizons, or in the city with it’s neat, immaculately landscaped greenery, or at the beach, watching the sun set into the Red Sea. And about the restrictions, it’s not a big deal. You can go out, have fun as long as you’re wearing an abaya (the black cloak that famously symbolizes Islamic ‘oppression’) But whatever, dude. It’s not a bad thing, you realize once you get here. You immediately feel safe from ogling eyes, and there are lots of pretty patterns and designs to choose from. It’s a different lifestyle, but good different.

The town I live in in particular is, like, the best place to grow up. I had an idyllic childhood. I went to a good school and spent all day outdoors. It’s really safe around here so our parents never worried. The residential areas were full of cool places to hang out. We had a bike ‘gang’ and we’d roam around the neighborhood and do stupid stuff. Once we even found this abandoned swimming pool. No one knew it was there till we kicked down the rotting wooden door in the wall surrounding it. I was sure I’d see someone die that day. My brother and friend, idiots that they were, lowered their bikes down into the shallow end of the pool, and raced down the slope. I was like, ‘this is it. I’m going to remember this day as the day I watched someone die.’ I was certain they’d slam into the wall at the end of the pool which was barely 6 feet away from the end of the slope. They didn’t and I was laughed at. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. Me.

I got a great education living here, and since the school I went to was an American international school, there were people from all over the world studying side-by-side with me. I lived the ideal model of racial integration. It was a small school so we were all pretty close. There, we were all family. It was after I left that I found out about class hierarchies and racism and prejudices. Talk about disillusionment. I used to think that the aggressiveness of American high school life was greatly exaggerated…until I watched Dr. Phil. Don’t ask why, but the fact that people talked about it on his show made it official.

Not that there aren’t problems here. I’ve heard from my brothers about Saudi kids bullying non-Saudis but it’s pretty rare now. Saudi guys make friends easily with outsiders. Non-Saudi guys usually learn Arabic by interacting with them. I’ve heard they’re a nice bunch. It’s the girls who don’t mingle. Not because of any prejudices or hostility, but because of a lack of willpower, on both sides, to learn the other’s language. We see them at malls, chatting with their friends, dressed like us and everything, yet we are never able to communicate with them. We don’t learn Arabic, they don’t know English. We’re happy in our bubble, they seem happy too. Though the few Saudis I do know (they all speak English) are amazing people. This one girl I was talking to turned out to have watched KOREAN DRAMAS. Plus she listened to all the same bands I did and read a lot of the mainstream books I did. I hugged her. I was so happy.

So yeah, I think I’ve gotten the best of both worlds here. I’m able to stay attached to my roots, learn about not only Saudi culture, but others as well, and yet have an educated, open-minded lookout of the world. I feel thankful for all the good things I have here; the kind people, the close friends, the pool parties, McDonalds, etc. (Yes, I have a special thing for McD’s since it was the first fast-food restaurant here. Of course now we have a proper mall with all the generic brand shops) 😀 THE END

That's me, on the left. This'll probably be the only picture of me I upload here btw.

Points to MadDino and Raine for their excellent guessing skills. No points to Bitter, ’cause she knew already. Just a cyber hug for her will do *CYBERHUG*


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  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    I. Loved. This. Post.

    Thank you for pointing out that the infamous ‘black cloak’ in our Islamic culture is not oppressive. Saudia Arabia is a beautiful place (I’ve been there before, but you already knew that). I haven’t been all over, but it has a beauty unlike any other place. Especially the mountains – their color, their impressiveness… I have no words. You’ve captured the heart of this wonderful place in this post. I’m glad you got an opportunity to gain a high quality education living there. I did hear about the bullying, but you’ve pointed that it is becoming a non-issue.

    Not to sound lesbian or anything. Trust me I don’t swing that way, but you are as beautiful as the things you post. Now I have a face to my Villager (who is a death eater now).

    • I love you (don’t mean to sound lesbian either.) THANK YOU for all the amazing compliments. I’m so happy you liked my post, my picture, and my country. Well, one of them anyways. 😀 You’re such a sweety. Imma call you Bittersweet from now on.

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Amazing people deserve amazing compliments. Wow… another tweet worthy sentence. There is man who I call Skirt on my blog. He calls me Sweetie, but I prefer BitterSweet if you absolutely have to make it known that I …. *barely whispers* have a soft side. I’ve got more stories/rants for you Villager and I love you too *evil smile*.

  2. MadDino says:

    If by guessing, you mean using your IP address and Google Analytics to narrow you down to a country and then to a city. I didn’t mention the city because I thought it would be too creepy. What can I exchange my points for?

    I think the abaya is pretty and you look pretty in it and I agree with the not being oogled at. I was raised fairly conservative in my dress so the abaya just takes it a bit further. It’s nice having my face looked at rather than my other body parts.

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      You can do that? Technology-smology I just use a locating spell.

      • MadDino says:

        Yes, you can. Or I can. Being independently hosted may make the difference. For most comments I can at least get the ISP (Internet Service Provider). That will limit the person by state or country. I can then check, on Google Analytic for which cities I’ve been getting traffic from. It’s not an exact science, and I’m sure there are ways to be more exact. California is a tough one to guess the city for as are New York and Texas. It will also get more difficult with time as I get more visitors.

        • Becoming Bitter says:

          Hmm… great to know *evil smile*. Lady Dino have you ever tried watching Thai dramas?

          • MadDino says:

            Unfortunately your ISP provides city data. I tried five minutes of a Thai drama.

            • Becoming Bitter says:

              Way to go Lady Dino… let’s just post it all over the place. Of course I’m kidding. Don’t! I’m keeping on the down low because I have written and will continue to write about the assholes in my life. I’m just hoping they won’t figure out who I am. That will just bugger everything up.

        • MadDino…have you been stalking your visitors??? 😀

          • Raine says:

            Deeno – I feel naked. *covers up with a blanket* My IP has been exposed! But you already knew where I lived….or were you zeroing in on my street? A mad dinosaur is stalking me!

            • MadDino says:

              l haven’t been that much a stalker, but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of background on who is comment. With my current technology I couldn’t get streets and most ordinary citizens couldn’t either.

              • Raine says:

                Or is that just what you’re TELLING us. *eyes you as suspiciously as a conspiracy theorist*

                Here you are. I live in Miami. I’ve lived in NC and CO. I’ve traveled to England, France, Italy, Portugal, Jamaica, Grand Caymans and Israel. I had never been out of the country before 2006. Now I can’t seem to stop myself. I plan on England next summer and Japan (to teach English) and an Asia tour in the next 5 years. I know conversational French and basic Spanish. I’m studying Japanese and I know basic ASL (American Sign Language), Italian and a wee bit of Korean…obsession has its benefits! I studied Welsh at one point, but can’t remember much…haha.

                So the point of that was, I’m always on the move. YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME!

                Or maybe you should so we can watch k-dramas together and make yummy food. Fooood.

                • MadDino says:

                  That would be so awesome! It’s my dream to watch K-dramas with someone or at least talk to someone in person who loves them. Delicious food makes it even better.

                  • Do any of you watch 1N2D??? The variety show?
                    IT was the reason for my x100 increase in obsession with anything Korean. I watched dramas and movies, and they entertained and fascinated me, but after watching a few episodes of the show I was like, I WANNA GO THERE!!! NAO!
                    The food! The places! OMG

                • alua says:

                  I like your background and your on-the-move life.

                  I’m a permanent nomad myself (and while my ISP might tell people where I live at the moment, it doesn’t reveal where I am from, plus where-I’m-from is a complicated question to answer anyhow). I’m an expat-for-life (will never go back to live in my ‘home country’) and have lived in nine countries so far :-). After I finish uni at my current location, I’ll move somewhere else (I’m sort of itching to leave already — went to Nepal & India in the summer and that DID NOT HELP). Haha, originally my plan was to go to Australia or New Zealand next, but I have been thinking Japan and South Korea lately instead!

                  When you come to England, I’ll invite you for some yummy food 🙂

                  • alua says:

                    …and we can watch k-dramas while we eat said yummy food of course!

                  • YOU ARE SO LUCKY. I’d love to travel, aside from the trips to Pakistan, where we meet out relatives and catch up and stuff. It’s a been there, done that kinda deal. I want to go to Korea! I want to go to Australia! I want to go to Canada and the States! *Sigh* I’d so love to, but its just not on the horizons at the moment.

                  • Raine says:

                    I’m going next summer! July! FOOD. You sound like more of a travel bug than me. I want to live in one place and then travel. For me I want to stay in places months or a year though….

                    Villager – The States…are wonderful. We have SO many different climates and places and crazy people. I’ve lived in 3 states (and traveled to like 20) and all of them have their own charms. I suppose I should’ve mentioned that in my travels.

                    I’m actually moving to Colorado next year (just before I go to England). It’s SO STUNNING! It’s all mountainy. Then just south you have desserts, and plains, then you have Florida swamps and subtropics. Then you have whole different mountain systems in New England. And then you have canyons, and falls and cliffs on the ocean (California). SO GORGEOUS. And then the cultural South has all these gorgeous leafy, rolling hills (and the appalachian mountains).

                    Heehee. Love traveling…My next goal is Japan and then from there do an Asian tour (maybe get down to Australia!) A friend of mine went to India for 2 or 3 months and loved it. So I want to go to (west) Asia too. I have to break it up tho. So when I go to Japan (I’ll stay at least 6 months I HOPE), I’ll do China (Hong Kong…cause my buddy is from there and all over), S. Korea, Thailand, Phillipines if I can get to it. EVERYWHERE! But def England next summer:D Actually I have to get my plane ticket now before it gets too expensive.

                    • GRAAAH, I’m drooling all over your travel plans…I hope I can one day too! I WISH I WISH I WISH!!!!

                    • alua says:

                      I can’t live in one place… I just never learned to do it (since I was first transplanted abroad when I was toddler) so I get restless after a while. The thought of settling somewhere…. uhhh, makes me really uneasy. I have been in London for two years, will probably stay for another 2 or 3 which seems so loooong! (And I do like London.)
                      Shouldn’t be too expensive to fly from Florida to the UK, you might be able to get some special deals too if you look at the right time.

                    • Raine says:

                      Ya I’ve been taking random peeks at ticket prices and they’re all over the place right now. I want $800. That would be good. Less would be better! Typing that number makes me a little sick to my stomach…oh….apa…

                    • LOL ‘apa’
                      “kwen chana??”

                    • Raine says:

                      I didn’t know how to spell it…gwaenjanah aniya….money makes my head hurt! Have NO idea if my korean is right, but there you go!

              • Raine says:

                Villager – I haven’t seen it! I LOVE traveling. And…I love food….too much. FOOOD. I will take a peek at it after 14th Bitte’s movie!

          • Raine says:

            Villager – you’ll get to it! When you’re schooling its very difficult. And its one of the most expensive hobbies….but so worth it! You’ll get to do it!

      • haha. I’d still bet her’s would works better.

    • WHOA. Now that I think about it, it makes sense. You’re the tech person, you’d have your ways, naturally. 😀
      You can redeem your points for a fairy. here:

      And thank you

  3. Lafemmeroar says:

    Well it is very nice to meet you. And may I say that this post would do wonders for world affairs. We all have our differences, but when it comes down to it, good people are good people. Here’s to diversity and here’s to you–I think you’re simply amazing.

  4. Raine says:

    Villager –

    I hate very few things in life. I find that hatred is a waste of energy.

    Actually, I hate only one thing: “haters”

    It’s been my nemesis my whole life. I grew up in a melting pot. If you look at pictures of me with friends, there is me (white), my Chinese friend, my half-white/half-Korean friend, and my Indian Trinidadian friend. My dad’s best friend is a black Muslim. My mom’s a Jew. My best friend growing up was Puerto Rican. I went to a 75% black middle school. A singer/songwriter friend of mine is half-Pakistani/half-white. I worked at place that was 99% Cuban (I was one of two white people). I worked in another place with a Jamaican, a Chinese, a Taiwanese, a Canadian, a Cuban and a Dominican. Even tonight’s gig there was me, a Russian and a Chinese.

    I love diversity. My household never even made an issue of race, gender, religious, sexual orientation differences. It was just a fact of life. I remember going to Little Haiti (a section of North Miami where most Haitians live) and my family walked into a store and there was this unbearable tension. My dad had us wait in the car and I started crying. My mom wanted to know why and I asked her why it was so uncomfortable? My mom had a light bulb moment and went in with a smile. The atmosphere changed in an instant. Many Haitians are used to being hated on because their immigrants and poor (at least in that part of town. Immigrants get tons of shit here. It PISSES ME OFF.) There are so many assumptions going into relations with people different from you.

    Attitudes people. Positive ones are GOOD.

    It also pisses me off that it is so ingrained in us (white people) to be wary of EVERYTHING we say. We MUST be PC. If you were here and wearing your abaya and I asked what it meant, OTHER people would get offended. If I say I’m proud of my culture/heritage and I’m proud to be white, I better watch out. Actually, if you walked around in your abaya, people would judge you immediately and ask why you were allowing yourself to be repressed as a woman. ?!!!!!!!!!! Seriously? GAH! GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another story. I was at a friend’s apartment and his roommate mentioned she was a psych major. I was a psych minor so I thought it would give us something to chat about. All of a sudden she started bitchin’ about a “Mexican” on the bus who was talking to her child in Spanish. “Why does she do that? We’re in America. Speak English. Speaking Spanish doesn’t matter anymore. Or the culture. We’re in America.”

    OMFG. I seriously almost slapped the bitch. FIRST of all, not everyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican (its also insulting to Mexicans). Second of all, are you SERIOUS?! Language isn’t a part of culture? Are you joking? Heritage isn’t important? So we should be lemmings who walk and talk exactly the same and forget about everything we inherited and believe in and are grounded in?

    Be proud of me. I turned around and left the apartment and waited for my friend to come back. Then I went to stay with another friend. I did not stay in the apartment with that hater one second longer than I had to.

    Oh yes, she also said that my Spanish last name meant nothing. I may not speak Spanish well, and I may be very American, but hell if my last name doesn’t hold cultural pride for me (I regret no beginning to learn Spanish sooner). My family came over in like the 14th century with the Conquistadors. We have roads named after us in California. My mom’s side escaped the Nazis. I have history I’m proud of. My mom spoke Hebrew and Yiddish growing up. That’s PART of my culture and hers and my heritage. Hell if I’m going to forget it.

    I hate haters. Hate. Hate. If anything drives me nuts, its that. And the world TOLERANCE. What bullshit. Teach people to tolerate rather than accept and respect? You don’t have to agree, but merely tolerate? That’s what we’re teaching kids to do? TOLERATE differences. The thesaurus gives the word ‘acceptance’ as its synonym but its NOT. Acceptance is letting go of aversion and allowing oneself to respect someone else. Tolerance is breathing the same air, but you’d rather not. It’s crap.
    — — — — —

    I LOVE that you shared about your childhood. I hope EVERYONE reads it and learns that extremists do not define a culture or a religion. In fact, what defines them is the people who live everyday naturally and beautifully in their ways.

    The aggressiveness in American schools really depends on the school. In my school there was competition over grades. SICK competition. Just a few miles south there are a bunch of schools that are super violent. But others are arts magnets. And my former middle school had a school shooting. It was in a rich neighborhood with good programs! But then a low budget school brings in therapists for the youths with parents who work 3 jobs or who are drug addicts (my mom works at one.) You get all kinds.

    Anyway, you rock my socks. Enlighten us. Enlighten me. My favorite thing in the universe is learning different cultures and languages. Maybe its because I grew up with so many in my life. No clue. But ya, I learned stuff about living in Saudi Arabia. Cool!

    On a lighter note: I went to Israel and although its further north, I really enjoyed the beauty of the desert. I love the desert. And I love the little (or big) oases where people live. And you’re also quite lovely. 😀

    End rant.

    Sorry about the length but definitely not about the content. If anyone ever disses you, you call me up, I’ll go Miami on their ass.

    End rant for real.

    • I LOVED your ENTIRE comment! Agreed with and approved of your every opinion! Thank you! You, my dear, are awesome.
      I shall try and post interesting/amusing stuff about different cultures and goings-on here. Thank you again! I’m so happy to have readers like yourself.

      • Raine says:

        Villager – keep rockin’ the hut! I go crazy over music, but that’s a good crazy. THIS is the only subject that makes me see red. I’ve experienced it (you wouldn’t believe how many people are SHOCKED by a white girl getting hated on for being white) and I’ve seen too many others experience it. I remember a rant I wrote years ago about this same subject! You made me remember it. If you wanna read it let me know. I’ll have to dig it up…haha.

        Ack, I intended for this to be a one liner. SEE? I told you.

        I want to ask a question to get the party in the hut started. I could read about this, but i want to ask you and hear it from you. The abaya. What does it mean to you to wear it? (And, a very practical question. Does it help to keep you cool as well?) 14th Bitte, please feel free to chime in (as though you wouldn’t but…ya…:P)

        • Becoming Bitter says:

          The abayas I wore when I was in Saudia Arabia did NOT help me keep cool. It was really, really hot. Modesty in Islam beings with a woman (and her attire). Covering up in another way or wearing that abaya shows that you have some shame in you. It is considered shameless for a Muslim woman to walk around half naked. Islamic society frowns upon it which is an understatment.

          Okay Villager I pass the baton to you… anything you want to add?

        • What Bitter said, basically. The abaya isn’t just a simple device for the protection of a woman’s modesty. It’s benefits are numerous and anyone wearing it would naturally feel a change in them. It gives you peace of mind, that you don’t have to worry about people noticing you. It’s also a constant reminder of who you are, what your morals are, as a Muslim, etc. It’s said that a woman covered up would be protected from the ‘whisperings’ of Satan, which is obvious since she would think twice before doing anything she knows is wrong. Wearing my abaya, instead of feeling restricted, like anyone might think, I feel, if anything, MORE free. I can jump around, dance, ride my brother’s bike, go out, do whatever with no worries. As for the keeping cool thing, Saudi Arabia is not a humid country. It’s arid and sunny. There are SO MANY fabrics available that abayas are made from. Normally these things are considered in advance when making the fabric. The material available these days is super light, kind of silky, so you actually don’t feel hot. BUT my favorite old abaya is this extra shiny black one. It’s got this cool aztec print in gold paint done on the right sleeve and left hem only. haha, it kind of reflects excess sunlight so I don’t feel hot. It’s in countries like Pakistan that wearing it becomes a test. Its so darn HUMID!!! No matter if you actually go around naked, you’d still sweat. But I’m used to it and I like it so it’s not hard for me. Hope this helped quench your curiosity. 😀

          • MadDino says:

            I didn’t know about the religious significance of it. That’s so cool. There is something very similar in my religion that protects you from Satan and acts as a constant reminder as you wear it of promises you have made and the life style you should maintain. It is worn under your clothes though and it order to cover it you need to wear sleeves and shorts down to your knees.

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        I second what the Villager said Ranting Cello.

        • Raine says:

          14th Bitte and Villager – So totally fascinating and insightful. This is why I like to hear it from you and not from wikipedia (although i did go read about them…haha). I told my mom about it too. 😀

          Next question: what about make-up? I don’t wear it a lot…but I own a lot, and I really like wearing it. I’m not for the crazy Miami style but more subtle. I’m actually not for much of Miami style period. I get quite uncomfortable with all the skin showing, and I grew up here. I always wore jeans and a t-shirt. At a wedding I played today, it looked like a woman had taken a long sleeved shirt, chopped off a sleeve and crawled into it. It barely covered her butt and her boobs were in definitely proximity to spillage. And then don’t forget the 6 inch red heels. I ALMOST took a picture to show you…but then thought twice about it. HA. Maybe I should next time. It’s SHOCKING.

          Anyway, with not showing skin (since Deeno had mentioned being a conservative dresser, too). I have a very…womanly body type. Ha, there’s no other way to describe it. It’s hard for me to dress (or find clothes down here) without looking like a…tasteless woman. I really appreciate finding clothes that are comfortable and allow for men to look at my face and not at my body. When I lived in Colorado it was WAY easier, because its not so looks oriented. I’m not self-conscious there as I am here. If I dress in jeans and a shirt, I get dirty looks cause here you get dressed up to go to the pharmacy…I risk the dirty looks. Ha. And send them right back…and then pull out my wand and glue cleavage together….MWAHAHA!

          Not that I dont have a soft spot for Miami….but the showiness of it is not my thing at all…

          All of that was to say I appreciate the freedom you feel. I feel freer more clothed than in something skimpy. You feel VULNERABLE when eyes are drawn to you.

          • Make-up: OMG Saudi people are CRAZY about it! They don’t know when to stop! It’s funny to laugh at and all, but I feel bad. Someone should educate them. Though for the past few years, they have been getting better at it…As for the clothes, Saudi’s are shameless dressers. They have to cover up outside, so they make up for it by being completely lurid inside. Cleavage-poppage is expected, and 99% wear clothes that don’t go with their body-type. It doesn’t look good because most of them just don’t know how to pull it off. Fat, tight, braless monsters are a lot more common here than you might think. I went to a gym in jeddah and most of the girls who went there were obese, but what pissed me off was how the fattest ones didn’t even get up to get their own mats and stuff. WTF? LOL. As for me…I don’t KNOW how to put on a lot of make up. I experiment, look at myself in the mirror, think I look like a clown and go wash my face. I don’t use foundation or concealer or blusher(I have a blush-related curse…will save that for another post). Just moisturizer, lip gloss and mascara. Yep, that’s me. As for clothes, I tend to wear comfortable clothes. Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers. LOL. That’s also why I love the abaya. You can leave the house dressed in your rattiest clothes and still be presentable. 😀
            I’ve been to saudi gatherings, and have also felt the extreme urge at times to take pics, but a) its hard to seem inconspicuous when pointing a camera at someone and b) I always think better of it. And you go girl! Use that wand! And yeah, about the dressing up to go to the pharmacy thing, it’s just like that in Pakistan. People must have ginormous wardrobes over there if they can wear such nice clothes everywhere. Pakistani clothes are not like jeans and shirts. You cannot combine any top with any bottom and get a new outfit. That’s why you literally need loads of clothes(and there are different prints and designs for each season) to go around dressed in the latest fashions like that. I always marvel at that.
            I have sometimes felt in Pakistan that people look at you differently if you walk into a boutique or any other shop when you’re wearing the abaya, but when I talk to anyone, I hope I convey an idea different from the stereotyped one. (which is, sadly, that they’re uneducated extremists…this is in my own country, dammit)
            But yeah, I say my own comfort to me is more precious than any outsider’s approval, so I’m happy.

          • Yes, you can go out in pajamas. I have, and IT IS AWESOME! There was this one time I woke up late for school, brushed my teeth, wore my abaya and went out to wait for the bus. I didn’t take off my abaya at school. LOVED days like those. I don’t own a lot of make up. If I want to use something, I take it from my mom. I like being comfortable and confident in my appearance with out make-up. But I acknowledge the need to wear it at my age. It’s a must. Maybe I should watch how-to makeup videos too.
            And ew, that image of thighs flowing over calves is just…unsettling. That reminds me of this joke that was soooo funny, but I can’t recall it exactly. I KNOW it, but I can’t remember. (One of the most used and least sensible sentences ever)
            Plastic surgery isn’t allowed in Islam, but a lot of rich Saudis are doing it anyway. I want to age gracefully, when the time comes.
            I need to lose weight too. 😦
            And Pakistani clothes are actually very pretty. That’s why they’re so expensive and so hard to wear all the time. I might put up a pic in an upcoming post of my Eid clothes. Very pretty.
            “I have a flabby thighs, but it’s OK. I hide it with my stomach.”
            BEST JOKE OF MY TEENAGE YEARS. I laughed till I was dizzy when I first heard it.
            Now for your question: When do I wear my abaya?
            Actually, it’s supposed to be worn in front of all men that you aren’t directly related to. So if someone comes over, and there are guys, then you should wear your scarf. I don’t. I wear my abaya outdoors only, but yeah, I admit that its not the proper way. There are people in my extended family, though, that properly do it. Also, here in Saudi Arabia, there are lots of nice womens-only facilities where you can kick back and take your abaya off. They have everything there, pools, a gym, hardcourts for tennis/basketball/whatever, a net cafe, a cafeteria, day care, a library, a lounges for lazing around. gaah i have to go now, can’t think if i missed a point…

          • Raine says:

            I once went to class in pajamas ’cause I was SOOOO tired from pulling an allnighter. It was great in terms of comfort but OMG I got stared at so badly….

            As for make up videos. You can literally type in your complexion and skin color and they’ll have people showing you how to do it.

            As for plastic surgery, its silly. You were born with what you were born with. And I want to age gracefully too. Actually, I don’t want to age…but we all know that ain’t gonna happen!

            As for weight, I’m totally getting on the treadmill and watching k-dramas while doing it. It’s also great for getting my family to watch k-drama cause I hook my laptop up to the tv.

            I would love to see the clothes! I wish I had money for clothes, but I spend all my money on music stuff….

            That joke is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heeheehee!

            No, you totally sated my curiosity.

            Found a link for you make-up wise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHPnLtFOLw0
            Their skin tones look a bit darker than yours, but the undertone is similar so the lessons should be applicable.

            • maddino says:

              I’m getting an elliptical this week and I’ll be watching Kdramas while doing that. It even has a laptop stand. I’m so excited. I’ve gained way too much weight since I got married. Combining Kdramas with exercise has to be the answer.

              • Raine says:

                DUDE, you don’t even notice that you’re exercising ’cause all you’re doing is crying/yelling/loving/hating. It’s FANTASTIC!

                • 😦 I need fresh blood, I mean songs on my ipod for the running to be less noticeable. Darnit! Though I like going to the gym better, with this one friend of mine. We talk while we aren’t hyperventilating. It’s fun and we end up running a lot more ’cause we’re kinda competitive that way.

                  • Raine says:

                    It’s always better in pairs. Then you can’t cop out either. I’ve been downloading new OSTs to drive to. It’s so awesome. Some are soooo perfect for driving! Like Kim Bum soo’s Appear (Secret Garden OST). And actually Destino from TPM!

            • My treadmill faces THE WALL. And doesn’t have anything to hold a laptop, so I only have my ipod for company.
              Thanks for the link. I opened it in a new tab. WIll watch it later. Gotta sleep now. It’s 6 am. Why am I up this late? *sigh* that would make a funny story, I guess.
              and yeah! Only a retard would find that joke un-funny.

        • Raine says:

          You just made me think of a question. When do you wear abayas????

          And you should SEE the crazy make-up people wear here. Oh and the amounts of plastic surgery. They look like they got stung by bees. And the make-up…I think so much is on that its as 3-d as some oil paintings. O_o.

          What is it with women who aren’t thin who think showing rolls is sexy? I’m a little overweight and I’m VERY conscious about that. I dress for my body type. But here you will see 300 lb women who show midriffs! Like so big the backs of their knees hang over their calves (I saw this yesterday).

          As for blush. I don’t wear it. I’m very pale so I flush VERY VERY naturally. EVERYONE knows when I’m embarrassed….Speaking of embarassing I…*blush* watch “how-to’ make up videos online. I watch ones for pale skin brown eyed people and for double lidded Asian’s because I do my best friend’s (Chinese) make up too….I actually did my other friends make up for her wedding…:D I know how to use toner/primer/base/powder but I don’t. It’s too hot and it gets too melty no matter why kind of product you buy. WOW…I just realized how obsessed I sound. I only wear make-up when I gig really….haha. I don’t wear it daily at all. I used to when I was a TA cause that was work, but…I get lazy. You should see how much make-up I have….I’ll take a picture one day. It’s all over. In my purse, in my bathroom, in my room, in my make-up bag…I’m stopping now…

          Those Pakistani wardrobes sound scary…eek. My wardrobe isn’t that big. And going out in ratty clothes sounds heavenly. Can you go in pajamas…pajamas are MY FAVORITE!

          I think its weird people would look at you strangely when walking into a boutique. You still wear clothes too…even I knew that and am pretty ignorant.

          As for uneducated in your own country, I am sorry to hear that. We are a nation founded on differences…and we have worldwide known hatecrimes and hate organizations. One president (who I will not name because …I won’t…) refused to go to a NAACP meeting he was invited to and its REALLY important for that to happen. O_o

          You know what gets me though? People criticizing what they don’t know. Or not voting and then whining. Or making assumptions on an entire people based on one person.

          Prayin’ for change!

          And I totally told my mom everything you taught me. And we looked up some stuff together! My cat was looking too, but I don’t know how much he understood…he’s pretty dumb….

  5. Aneesa says:

    Love your supper dupper post… and hey you look fab and I think the abaya is great… when I’m in pakistan or Saudia I always wear one.. u don’t need to worry what you have on underneath, probably the best fashion accessory about. Yes it is one because you can get so many colours and designs. I have about 5 of them, we plan a trip to Pakistan and Saudia early next year and can’t wait to buy more.

    Amazing to be brought up in such a mutli cultural society, it only enriches us…

    Great introduction!!

    • I’m so sorry for the late reply! Usually I reply from the comments section on my dashboard but I guess I must have missed yours and then it got buried beneath newer comments.
      Thank you for the compliments and for commenting! AND YES, its the best fashion accessory. matched with colored scarves, especially. 🙂

  6. Fox@n says:

    I never knew that. Interesting. I want to live in Saudi maybe because of the Halal food. Unlike here in America you have to search for places to eat outside. And get this some “Hala” places also sell alcohol … LIKE REALLY.
    Great post

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      Yes I agree with Fox. There are not that many Halal meat shops or restaurants, but this is a test of our faith. If we are truely Muslims, we will find halal food to it. Where I live there are 3-4 Halal meat shops so we’re good here. There are also plenty of restaurants that serve halal meat.

    • Thanks. AND DUDE! About halal food. I always knew that we eat halal food and people in other countries don’t but I think I was in middle school when it hit me that YOU CAN”T EAT MC DONALDS IN THE USA, well, in any non-gulf, non-muslim country. And I thought, ‘then WHY ON EARTH WOULD PEOPLE GO THERE?’ It didn’t make sense to me back then for people to go to a place where they had to eat HOME COOKED MEALS ALL YEAR ROUND. omg. I was kinda stupid so the whole ‘to earn a living’ reason didn’t even occur to me. I was like.. ‘what about the food?!’
      oooh, lemme give you a REALLY good piece of advice. Tell your parent to get you guys ‘Al Baik’ from Saudi. It wont spoil and people literally do it all the time. They have their luggage and they have their Al Baik. Its Saudi Arabia’s version of KFC, but like, a million times better. But the fries will probably be useless by the time they get there. TRUST ME, you want to tell your parents this.

    • Raine says:

      Seriously? They sell alcohol? Ok, even ignorant me knows that’s just dumb.

      Villager and 14th Bitte- I actually checked online. There are quite a few places here with some good Halal chow! All up and down the SE coast actually.

  7. Becoming Bitter says:

    I think this is the third time I’m “saying” this. Villager I’m requesting that you write a review on the movie that I posted about. It would make me bitterly happy. Oh yeah, don’t forget to email me any stories you have. *Smiles*

  8. alua says:

    “And about the restrictions, it’s not a big deal. You can go out, have fun as long as you’re wearing an abaya (the black cloak that famously symbolizes Islamic ‘oppression’) But whatever, dude. It’s not a bad thing, you realize once you get here. You immediately feel safe from ogling eyes, and there are lots of pretty patterns and designs to choose from. It’s a different lifestyle, but good different.”

    I totally understand what you mean. I’m from Europe where they have been coming up with all kinds of stupid laws prohibiting abayas/hijabs/etc., laws that I find infuriating. I have been in Kashmir (Indian side) a couple of times, and I felt very ogled at because I wasn’t wearing any veil of any sort. I totally understood at that moment that wearing a veil can be an absolutely liberating thing.

    Just out of curiosity: did you do the IB at your American international school? I went to American/international schools too btw!

    • Inside the school? No. Outside, well, everyone has to, so yes.
      That school was like my home, and it was really small, so I never felt the need to do it in there. I’ll be honest, I only do it outdoors. I don’t wear a scarf or anything indoors, like at weddings and such, even though it is the proper way to do it.

  9. renxkyoko says:

    Awesome post ! But I’m afraid I’m late for the party…….. Oh, well. Cheers, then, from California ! !

  10. eva626 says:

    great post. i really enjoy these types of posts…you know like revealing the blogger type! very cool. you are so cute!

  11. SoSo says:

    hey there,villager girl!.i have just found ur blog yesterday and read my way through it!i am delurking to tell u that ur wordpress.com(heh) is pretty entertaining,i LOLed the most at ur baby bro posts and ur oldboy review(some of u idiots……).i am glad i found another girl like myself (muslim,eastern)who is addicted to k dramas to the core.i actually cant believe it!!!i will keep an eye on ur space…..(creepy,no?!!!)heh….greetings from egypt!!!(btw,sorry 4 the super long post and pardon my engriiiish)

    • Ahhh shukran ya habibti for delurking! (sorry, that is the extent of my skills in Arabic:P)
      I’m honestly flattered! I haven’t been blogging for long (I think it’s been over a month) but if I knew I’d find so many kindred spirits here, I would’ve signed up earlier. I love that you’re Muslim and a fellow K-drama addict to boot! Yay! If you like reading my stuff, you can subscribe without having a wordpress blog. Blogging is so much fun, you should make one too. That way it’ll be easier to share stuff and all. And so, it’s not creepy, eye my space all you want.

      • SoSo says:

        oh,my comment!!!!i thought it was deleted or something when i first posted it cuz it was taking forever to process so i was pleasantly surprised to find it.i subscribed as an obediant fangirl :p but unfortunately i dont have the time to blog and i barely have time for my k drama addiction.sadly,im a pharmaceutical science student undergrad and i have exams like everyday!i was about to go crazy from my drama shortage,so i rely on u to deliver the movie and drama goodies(mashy?).btw,have u seen color of a woman,the post military jae hee drama?i plan to watch it as soon as i finish my exams massacre and get to the mid term break!i recently watched my tutor friend and plan to watch attack on the gas station thanks to ur recommendation(btw no 2,do u know that there is a serial to the movie?) .anyways, i should probably stop talking(LOL).thanks for the lovely reply and sorry for the late re-reply(and the poor writing and the suuuper duper long comment….)

        • SoSo says:

          hehehe…a sequel,not a serial to the movie:P..maybe i was thinking a serial killer …hmmm…that sounds like a dangerous comment(serial ..massacre..)maybe the exames drove me nuts*creepy smile*

          • Hmmm, LOL, it seems like that one thing I read about in Pshych 101. LOL, ‘that one thing’ I don’t have a good memory, I mean that thing about your subconscious mind getting it’s message out using unconsciously said words. MEANING YOU WANNA MURDER SOMEONE. Don’t blame you, exams tend to do that.

        • I like long rambling comments! I comment like that! LOL. I have not watched color of a woman, it seemed too melo-drama-y from the title. I don’t know. I haven’t had any time to do any writing the entire week, plus my internet was out for a few days. I actually realized how high strung I was getting, trying to keep everything updated when I just couldn’t. I just started a job, so I get back home bone tired. Do I sleep, do I exercise, do I eat, do I read blogs? Twitter? Facebook? Finish that one post? Watch dramas? CHORES? It got too much, and I just concentrated on all of the above except reading and writing blog stuff. It was good! I marathoned Prosecutor Princess. ITS GOOD. I felt like an addict in rehab. I could feel all my hormones reach normal levels. I felt more able to concentrate. Maybe I’m just not a good multi-do-er. Maybe I’ll just make blogging a weekly thing. I hope not! That sounds horrible…

          • SoSo says:

            hehehe…dont stretch yourself too much(the doctors orders.).and house chores SUCK!..i might check prosecutor princess cuz i never saw park shi hoo in anything..but i recently heard he is a…..not very nice person in real life from a post at DB.i read the recap of episode 1-2 of color of woman and it was a typical rom com so i needed a second opinion..About the murder thing,i recently murdered a frog in my pharmacology lab so all is okay(for now….hehehe…still not creepy?!..*pouts*.GOOD LUCK IN UR NEW JOB(rabena ma3aky inshaaallah)and take ur time in bloggy world,no pressure at all*waits impatiently for the next post*..

            • oooh, I smell gossip. Will check out DB for PSH-related news. I finished Prosecutor Princess. Definitely a good watch. Once you get past the first episode, that is. YOU WILL HATE the female lead in it. But that’s the fun part about watching the latter episodes, you literally see her grow, step by step. She is put through one hell of a wringer, so the balance of the k-drama universe is maintained.
              Thank you for your kind wishes, inshallah I will walk away from it having learned a lot and having collected a load of good memories. Kids are crazy and fun!

  12. Mai Ward says:

    A neighbor blogger!
    I recently came from Hajj, and to be honest when I was there, I felt sorry for all the girls who live in the KSA. My brother worked there too and he didn’t pass on a very nice picture about life there either.
    I’m thankful for this post. Made me realize I was wrong. After all it’s up to each person to get used to a certain lifestyle and way of living.
    And you are beautiful!

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