Riddle me this:

Yoooo people! Today’s post will consist of one, really simple question. This is a precursor to my next post, in which shall be the answer to the question I am about to ask. Question is:

Having read my blog thus far, judging by how I write and all, how do you think I am in real life?

Any image/description of me that comes to mind including personality, ethnicity, location, etc is welcome. Leave your answers in the comment section below. You can be as creative or brutally honest as you want.

Let’s see how creative or close to the truth you can get. I have a feeling I’m going to have fun reading your answers.


About thejawavillager

I am a mad scientist with an underground lab rivaling Dexter's that I will soon use to rule the world. Join my army or be killed in the aftermath.
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18 Responses to Riddle me this:

  1. Becoming Bitter says:


    P.S. You know that I know that we already know each other’s ethnicity and based on that we also know how we sort of look like.

    You’re well read, well watched, smart, and you have a great sense of humor. Oh and you’re morbid. Probably a masochist too, but you’re a nice person.

    Do I need to keep going or has your swollen like a balloon?

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      “has your *ego* swollen”
      Darn IT! I type too fast.

      • shhhhhhh….I forgot to mention YOU aren’t supposed to let it onnn. LOL
        and thank you!! I’m not as well-read as I want to be. I will probably write a post on that one day.
        And yes, it’s the size of a medium-sized hot-air balloon right now. 😀

        • Becoming Bitter says:

          *whispers* quickly go back and edit my comment. *quietly walks away*

          • YES, I just found out!! you can literally EDIT people’s comments. Like, I can edit your comment and make it anything I want…*evil grins* But I wont. ‘Cause that’s gay. It’s like patting yourself on the back/kissing yourself in the mirror/you get the picture. Plus any words you have to say are more valuable than anything I make up. 🙂

            • Becoming Bitter says:

              Awwww… you’re making me all sweet inside…I don’t like it!
              Oh I also forgot to mention that you’re violent too, but that’s a great thing in my books because so am I! Karate kicking is useful to know because you’re a death eater now and if you’re wand gets taken from you then you’ll have to rely on hand to hand combat.

  2. Raine says:

    Well, here I go.

    Image: Seriously, I see you as a jawa. But without the glowy eyes. With dark eyes and dark lashes. and the rest of your face in shadow.
    Ethnicity: I think you’re Asian. Not necessarily East Asian, but some kind of Asian. (In the US, Asian means only Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. NOT that one.)
    Location: At least somewhere that makes a large time difference between us! Across the Atlantic maybe? England?

    I’m not in a funny mood right now ’cause I’m tired so no humorous comments, but I wanted to post in my free time! 😀

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      Go to sleep Ranting Cello! *places imperious curse on Ranting Cello*
      There now you won’t be able to resist. Oh, and here is a *bitter hug* for some energy.

    • OMG I honestly didn’t remember THESE jawas!!! It’s been ages since I watched the Star Wars films! haha. Jawa’s just a nickname that my friends call me. I have bad luck with nicknames, Jawa’s the better one. Alien Jawa…come to think of it, its actually pretty fitting. I AM pretty short plus I live in the desert and wear a cloak. heh. whaddaya know?

  3. MadDino says:

    I’d guess that you are in Saudi Arabia or a neighboring country (I have my methods). Based on comments I believe you are Muslim. So your image is a mix of that ethnicity and a Star Wars jawa. Pretty normally looking till your eyes start glowing.

    As for how awesome you are that all comes from your writing. Morbid, violent, gleeful, but not really someone who would harm anyone. Sweetly fascinated with pain and death might describe it. I really like the way you write and you do it so well.

  4. Lafemmeroar says:

    I think you’re a young Crazy Chick (u need to join my club) who is smart, into flicks and a bit of a practical joker. I think you live in lala Land where the other awesome Crazy Chicks live. Plus, what Becoming Bitter said 🙂

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      Please Lafemmeroar, I thought we were friends now. You can call me Bitter, Bitte, or Bittersweet.

    • I completely intend to join your club. I want a badge too! And thank you. I like your description of me. I do have a wicked sense of humor, but don’t do the practical jokes anymore. Oh, the stories I have…:P

      • Lafemmeroar says:

        Cool. Just leave a comment on the chat page and there’s a page for the badge as well. Look forward to your membership. BTW, I do a Crazy Chick Q and A every Thursday. I pick randomly so it’s anyone’s guess … 🙂

  5. eva626 says:

    a sweet girl. and one who has a lot to say about what she watches…and a caring sister (read posts about her brothers) . um…thats all i know i guess lol

    • There’s a lot more, but yeah, I wanna talk about the stuff I can’t bore my friends with. 😀 Tho I talk about my brothers enough with them, lol. But I really like your description. Thank you!!

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