Flower Boy Ramyun Shop- First Impressions

One very to-the-point sentence:
I loved it. This is how dramas are supposed to be. This is what I’ve been fruitlessly searching Dramaland for for the past few weeks. This is how drama-watching is supposed to be. The hour just zips by and your mouse involuntarily clicks on the next episode, and you’re dumbfounded that it’s not subbed yet. WTGB?
Dramas should not be watched for the sake of watching, they should be watched purely for the reason that you can’t stop. And watching this fun-filled first episode, you definitely won’t be able to stop. I want to fast forward time so that I have a whole bunch of episodes to marathon watch. *pouts*

Despite the lack of teasers in the teaser, I’m actually glad we had no clue about the story. A very smart move on the drama promoters’ part, since they pretty much assumed we’d tune in regardless(They were right). It made for a surprising first episode.

I’m just happy we have a chaebol. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Cha Chi-soo (Jung Il-woo) as resident chaebol. *Applause* Kind of your regular good-for-nothing, good-at nothing spoiled chaebol player. Plus he’s weird. I like that.

The girl, Yang Eun Bi is SO ADORABLE. Not only is she pretty, but she’s got an imagination just begging to be set free and wreck havoc. I can feel it. I love her bickering with her roomie, and the part when she vehemently denied ever wanting to wear her clothes only to show her dressed in said stolen clothes in the next scene delighted me. She’s kind of a repressed study-a-holic at the moment, so I can’t wait for her to get tangled up in Chi-soo and learn to let her hair down

The plot itself, once you think about it, isn’t very original. Nerdy girl, whom no one loves or thinks is pretty (DO THEY NOT HAVE EYES? c’mon, Drama) and a disdainful chaebol run in to each other. Something or another will force them together and they’ll both eventually end up hearing bells ring. All that’s lacking is the co-habitation cliché. But it’s the playful setup and lines delivered with perfect comic timing plus the very gorgeous cast that have us all squeeing, here at episode 2.
So far, there is no sign of the ramyun shop that this drama is the namesake of, but I’m sure we’ll get there in due time. I just hope the writers keep up the quirky characters and engaging interactions. Fingers crossed, everyone.One last thing, WHY ISN’T THE SECOND EPISODE SUBBED YET? I normally am impatient, and exaggerate the time I have to wait, but this is ridiculous. Subbers, if you’re out there, I thank yee for all your hard work, but seriously, are you guys all dead or something? PLEASE DON’T BE DEAD! waaahhhhhhhh…:'(


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5 Responses to Flower Boy Ramyun Shop- First Impressions

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    Okay I’m definitely watching this one now! If you liked it and we do have similar tastes in Rom-Coms then I’m trying it. I only need more time…
    Should I just start watching this when a few more episodes come out? I hate waiting for the next episode to be subbed – it drives me up the wall.

  2. Raine says:

    On my phone. But I’m in the middle of my first impressions now fire rawryum. We shall compare. I didn’t read this so id be unbiased. I’m at a gig on my phone during intermission. Ha

  3. alua says:

    I like the first episode. It was cute. Fun. Entertaining. But not terribly original.
    But I didn’t care for the second episode. There wasn’t much that happened (I feel like we didn’t really learn anything more about the characters or the plot, other than that the Ramyum shop and the dad that makes an appearance. Honestly, there was more stuff in the preview for ep 3 than in second episode itself).
    I also kind of got annoyed about the rich-arrogant-kid-that-is-so-immensenly-superior-to-everyone-that-noone-stands-a-chance. I didn’t like the way Yang Eun Bi was presented – like she has no resistance against this guy at all. I’m still hopeful for episode 3 – the preview seemed to suggest that something makes Yang Eun Bi snap enough to challenge the never-challenged-by-anyone Cha Chi-soo. And if we get a battle between them (and Cha Chi-soo floundering for the first time in his life), now that could be fun.
    We’ll see.

  4. beef500 says:

    Well to begin with I only watch this drama for Jung Il Woo , but after I watch 2 episode I think it’s kinda of a cute drama to watch , but am not ganna judge it now at least I should wait and see the second lead (and maybe support him in the love triangle -As the Korean drama should be- , also am waiting for the Rymun yummmmm I love coocking drama .

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