127 Hours- An Old Review I Wrote Ages Ago



As conveniently mentioned above, this is something I wrote ages back and shared with my friends in order to

1. educate them about good entertainment

2. get ego-boosting praise back from them ‘oh, that was so funny!’ ‘you’re so talented!’

(I know that sounds snobby. Points for honesty?) Anyways, so please excuse the lack of a more formal review-like format and my excessice use of OMG’s and such. On re-reading this review seemed more juvenile than I’d originally thought. My only aim had been to get them to watch the same things I did.


127 Hours- Movie Review

If I Rise By Dido and A.R.Rahman. 127 Hours OST

OK, so I finally got around to watching 127 hours after the whole world, must say I was relucant at first. Not a big fan of the survival-genre, starting waaay back in elementary school with the book Hatchet. But I’m pleased to say THIS MOVIE AMAZED ME! OMG.

I’m not saying I bought ALL of what this movie was pedaling, though. I mean the scene when he first realizes that he’s going to be stuck there for long, and he whips out HIS ARSENAL OF EVERY GADGET KNOWN TO MANKIND EXCEPT A CELLPHONE OR SATELLITE PHONE? I mean, REALLY? And normally I would dismiss that immediately as a necessary evil for creating the plot conflict but this is based on a real story, so you’re saying that this VERY REAL person went on a trip to the middle of nowhere and took like THREE different types of cameras, but no cell phone? Smart.

Alright, rant’s over. Now for the good part. THE REST OF THE MOVIE!!! Yeah, every single part (besides the one mentioned above, which peeved me, but all the good stuff afterward negated it) mesmerized me. I mean, aside from the obvious angst that he’s trapped, facing inevitable death, with his life flashing before his eyes, this movie had me on the EDGE ON MY SEAT. I kept forgetting that he SURVIVES, that it’s a given.(duh, 127 hours means he was found alive after that long, which is a big deal. If he died, well, ANYONE can be found DEAD, what’s so special about THAT?) Anyways, you just can’t seem to remember that he’ll live while watching the whole thing unfold. All the survival worries, his desperation to retain a grip on sanity, his hallucinations, haunting memories, regrets, and crushing realization that he brought it all on himself floored me. ESPECIALLY the part when he tells the camera:

“I chose this. I chose all this. This rock, this rock has been waiting for me my entire life, its entire life, ever since it was a bit of meteorite, a million billion years ago, in space. It’s been waiting, to come here, right, right here. I’ve been moving towards it my whole life, from the minute I was born, every breath I’ve taken, every action has been leading me to this crack on the Earth’s surface.”


Though I could have done without the frothy piss bubbles coming up the straw, (WHY, Hollywood, do you have to pay such attention to detail?) It made an otherwise watchable scene unwatchable for me. I get that the movie wants you to feel like you’re experiencing the exact same thing he is, so you can feel his pain and all, but we don’t want to feel like we’ve drank piss too after watching that scene. Ugh. Oh, and also the part when he escapes and drinks that putrid water at the bottom of the gorge, AND BURPS in the middle. *sick face*


1. His radio show! It’s pure genius how they made us laugh, despite everything going on

2. Him seeing Scooby Doo in the camera flash. That scene freaked me out like no horror film ever has. Anyone else?

3. HIM CUTTING HIS HAND OFF! This scene fascinated me. Does that make me a sadist? And did anyone else think that this dude could totally win in SAW? I found myself wondering about the technicalities of cutting your hand off. It was good that he first broke his bone, or else he wouldn’t have been able to do it later. And OMG, my teeth were gritted throughout the whole flesh-tearing scene, especially when you could see him having trouble cutting the tendons and nerves. sssssss

4. Him taking a picture of the rock before leaving. It never occurred to me that someone would want to. That was just REAL. You don’t see stuff like that in fictional movies.

Did I mention the mind-blowing cinematography? I’ve always been one to think that the desert is a beautiful place, but this movie, this movie brought it back to me and reminded me of it all over again. And the music??? I was pleasantly surprised to see A.R. Rahman’s name in the beginning credits, and kind of anxious to see what he’d come up with, all the while internally hoping that the movie producers knew what they were doing. THE MUSIC WAS PERFECT! This one song specially caught my attention, and I could swear I heard Dido’s voice in that song, AND I CHECKED THE SONG CREDITS AT THE END AND I WAS SO TOTALLY RIGHT!! Dido is BACK, singing a song composed by A.R.Rahman! And a new Sigur Ros song too! I was in heaven.


Cut to his escape, him running to the sound of Festival by Sigur Ros, smiling, reveling in the openness, the sunlight, adrenaline pumping yet almost about to collapse with exhaustion and fatigue. THIS IS IT! YOU’RE FREE! It felt like the triumphant end to a long marathon. Needless to say, a perfect ending. Loved the montage at the end, and I was kinda relieved to see that the REAL Aaron Ralston isn’t bad looking. I dunno, it’s embarrassing to admit, but it annoys and disappoints me when I see that the real person isn’t anywhere near as good looking as the actor playing him. Makes sense? I know it doesn’t.



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19 Responses to 127 Hours- An Old Review I Wrote Ages Ago

  1. Raine says:

    ‘oh, that was so funny!’ ‘you’re so talented!’ 😀

    I’ve never seen this film and truth be told, I’m more of a television show/drama person meself. It looks uber intense and like something I’d have to prepare myself for. My imagination is too wild and that kind of story stays with me for a while.

    You made some awesome points about the films pluses and minuses. It definitely made me look it up on imdb:D

    • MadDino says:

      I was going to start out the exact same way.

      I love all the deserts. I assumed you would be familiar with their beauty after riding around in a sandcrawler all day. I would watch this movie just for beautiful desert landscape, but then you mentioned him cutting his arm off…

      Thank you for the review and the beautiful screencaps!

      • Raine says:

        Oh, you’re so talented! (Yes, I tend to overuse things…)

        Ya your screencaps are really clear. MadDino, it looks like my primary is going to be a mac. Turns out the PC was only fake fixed. My dad sold me his Mac for cheap so I’m going to check out on of those other sites you recommended. But I downloaded Higher resolution videos so hopefully that will help!

      • Awww, c’mon… that’s like saying ‘you were the reason I didn’t watch this film’ 😦
        It’s an uplifting film. Not all blood and gore. That was just ONE (very brief) part.
        I grew up in the desert and, since we went on loads of road trips, have a soft spot for the desert. Its vast and unchanging and beautiful. Especially the night sky. Its amazing. I get a crick in my neck in the car from looking up for too long during night-drives.

      • MadDino says:

        I probably never would have found it in the first place. I have a weak stomach and after reading Deathwatch, I really can’t do desert survival stories.

    • lol, thanks.
      AND ITS NOT UBER INTENSE!!! That’s the amazing thing about this film! Based on the premise you would think that it’s all doom and gloom and imminent death, but its not. Its like a celebration of life! It’s practically light-hearted in nature!
      You are a music person, and you mentioned something before about how a score/soundtrack must match what the film/drama is trying to convey and how the lyrics should also be relevant and not ‘dance around doing their own thing’ (if i remember that correctly). YOU MUST WATCH THIS FOR THAT REASON ALONE. I fell in love with the music, I know you will too.

  2. alua says:

    I can’t get myself to watch this. I just don’t think I could handle the cutting-off-the-arm scene. )-:

  3. Becoming Bitter says:

    I can read about survival stories, but I don’t think I can watch them. I can however watch movies based on survival books (sort of). I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this film. You did a great job reviewing as you always do. There is always that touched and insane part of you. Touched about the landscape, dialogue, and music. Who the heck doesn’t love A.R. Rahman? Insane with your mini rant at the beginning. Keep posting Villager because I’m always reading.

  4. Fox@n says:

    Im going to watch this movie today. I’m definitively going to watch out for that scooby doo . Great post.

  5. MadDino says:

    I just found out that my co-worked acted in this. He was one of the friends.

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