God Help My Lazy Butt

Hello World.
How many days has it been since my last post? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship of love and subsequent neglect. Oh well. I tried writing a review of a film that sprawled out of control. Now it’s a 3434 word draft rotting in my ‘posts’ page. I might finish it, but I have a feeling everyone will first scroll down, see how long it is and then promptly visit another (less wordy) blog. Plus if I do publish it, I’ll need to do some heavy, heavy modifications. Not on a ‘tweaking’ scale, not even on a ‘plastic surgery’ scale. I’m talking cut-off-a-limb-and-reattach-it-elsewhere scale. Not even sure  that’s possible. Boy, am I getting lazy these days.


About thejawavillager

I am a mad scientist with an underground lab rivaling Dexter's that I will soon use to rule the world. Join my army or be killed in the aftermath.
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47 Responses to God Help My Lazy Butt

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    Okay Villager… Chingu…I read your posts don’t I? No matter how long they are. I’ll admit my mind is a bit loopy lately because of what’s been going around me, but I love reading your posts! Your adorable and insane. The two traits l don’t feel bitter about. Post away!!! Post more of your stories as well.

  2. Raine says:

    Seriously, are you me in another body? I’ve been working on a series review and its a mash of random ideas thats almost 6,000 words. Not only do I have to seriously beat it up, but I need screencaps. When will it be finished? I’m also halfway through a recap for Pasta and working on arranging my next k-drama tune. With all of that, I decided to write a rant to be posted today. The real work (if you can call K-drama writing/analysis real work) is pushed aside. The only thing I managed to post was my first k-drama tune arrangement but I had that blog ready to go save for the recording…Oh, how does time slip away…

    • I’m not surprised. The whole point of blogging is getting everything you felt out into written form, and when you feel a lot(as is always the case with me, and, I think, you too), you end up WRITING a lot.
      I haven’t watched Pasta…I loved Gong Hyo Jin in Best Love. She’s admittedly a great actress, even though I’ve only seen her in one thing. One thinga bout K-dramas that I’ve notice is that you start off a drama and think to yourself ‘eh, the leads aren’t as good looking as I’d hoped’ and by the end of the second episode or so, you’re like’ OMG She’s so PRETTYY, how can he not fall at her feet? and he’s SO HOTTTT, how can she turn him down??’ *drool drool* haha, well, that’s how it is with me anyways.

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        LOL I feel the same way!!! Even the leads might not be pretty, they grow on you. Then you can’t help but find them attractive.

      • Raine says:

        I think Gong Hyo-jin is adorable and she has that innocent quality that is appealing. Pasta is good as a slice-of-life drama. That’s why its so difficult to recap. It’s just dealing with the problems that stem from the workplace. But, its cute and fun.

      • @Raine: Does it take long for you? Recapping an episode? I want to know how long is normal before I take the big leap and try it out for myself. Though with the way I’m going, that might be a long way off.

      • Raine says:

        About recapping, the most difficult part of the first one was to figure out HOW to go about doing it. If I took the time I spent over the course of a week doing it, it probably took me about 5 or 6 hours. I watched it once and wrote down what happened. Then I went rhough for screencaps. Then I wrote the recap (and tried to keep it short, but it didn’t happen) and chose the screencaps. Then I wrote my comments. It was actually fun. I’m working on the second one but I always get 20 minutes in and then get interrupted by real life. It’s an endeavor but I feel like after you finish the first one, it gets a lot easier. I have a feeling my next recap will b a while just because to find the time (and concentration) that I need at this point in time won’t happen! The last one I mostly finished in two stints, like on a Tuesday and a Saturday.

        You should totally try one! Or two…or 10…

        • I shall! I’m going to put up my ginormous review-turned-recap of Taegukgi. You might wanna just read all I’ve written and then choose whether to watch the film or not. It’s so hard to attain the perfect balance between how much you give away and how much you don’t. If you don’t give away at least a little bit, no one, based solely on the premise, will be interested. But if you give away too much (or, in my case, all of it) people will read it, but not bother watching the film later. And you’re right, the main part is figuring out how to go about it. Once you fall into a pattern, I’m sure it gets easier. Thanks!

      • Raine says:

        Do eeeeeeet!

        Becoming Bitter – Gong Hyo-jin so grew on me!

    • MadDino says:

      It think recapping time differs a lot from person to person. I recap 4 times a week because I’m insane especially since I’m planning on adding a kdrama to the mix soon, but if I’m distracted it can take my 12 hours to post. If I tell myself that I have to write the recap and turn off my wireless I could maybe write it in 4 hours. It always seems to take me two hours to watch and screen capture. With normal distractions it takes me about 8 hours from start to finish.

  3. Becoming Bitter says:

    *Even though the leads might not be pretty they grow on you*
    I really ought to read my comments before I post them.

  4. Becoming Bitter says:

    Raine… another K-drama land junkie?!
    Well Bitter gives her bitter hello!
    I’ve read some of your comments. I’ll drop by your blog. I always shamelessly promote my blog. Why don’t you come and have a look. Although I will say, looking at “The Bitter Me” section will help you out.
    My mind is a warp right now, but I will come by and comment. By the way, I’ve seen Pasta and I liked it. It was another drama where the characters grew on me.

    • Raine says:

      Becoming Bitter – I’m always up for visiting new sites. I’ll amble on over just as soon as I finished writing this. I’m a fan of shameless self-promotion because some people don’t take initiative.

      And yes, I am a k-drama junkie. I’m part of DAA (drama addicts anonymous). Oh wait, there goes my anonymity.

      • MadDino says:

        Shameless self-promotion is delicious. The amount of visits I got to my site because I posted links on Viki where people are watching the dramas I recap about. Astonishing!

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Let’s drop the formalities shall we… call me Bitter. I’m calling you Raine for now until I can think up of a nickname for you. Everyone at the Becoming Bitter blog has a nickname that I usually refer to them by. Like thejawavillager became Villager. I am of course going to check out any review posts you and Villager release.

      • @ Raine: haha, there goes your anonymity. Bitter is just like what you said. She’s sweet on the inside and loves her Voldy references 🙂
        @MadDino: I skimmed over your ‘recapping tips’ blogpost. It seems so hard! BUT I have bookmarked it and will go over it studiously later…Thank you for putting it up. I can imagine all the effort that must have gone into making that post. I shall be shamelessly promoting myself too, once I start making promotable posts. 🙂
        @Bitter: We need as many K-drama friends as possible. I NEED to let it out and discuss stuff, but I can never to that with my friends here.

      • Raine says:

        @ MadDino – self-promotion Plan A is a go!

        @ Bitter and thejawavillager – k-drama friends are necessary. MadDino rocked that post and we need to discuss. I try in real life, but I get the ‘oh, you cute little nerd. I jsut want to pat you on the head.’

      • MadDino says:

        @jawavillager I tried to make it easy. I struggled for weeks before finding ZScreen. I didn’t like writing without the screencaps and I really don’t want anyone else to struggle with that. As a tech nerd I know that it’s a lot easier to play around with software and I’m less cautious about trying something new and playing around with software. It saves time if you’re willing to learn, but I’m sure there are other methods that work well too.

        @raine Thanks. Being sociable helps a lot, and you’ve got plenty of that. Most of the time when I leave a comment on AKP I’ll get a visit. Dramabeans is a bit too massive for it to work though. Viki is the best though. I’ve gotten 1000 referrals just by leaving links in the spoilers section. It’s also easier to target people who like a specific show than people who just like dramas.

      • MadDino says:

        I love being mistaken for a man! Is it my scifi prowess or my techy streak? My love of AK-47s or my odd fantasies of drama characters killing each other off.

        • OMG YOU TOO?? About everyone killing each other off? Lemme tell you a story.
          A loooong time ago, I think I was in 8th grade or so, I was walking by the TV and this music video came on. I started watching. A cheap video shot on a low budget. The song wasn’t nice either. There’s a village in rural Pakistan. There are two pretty sister dancing with a instructor. One was simple and the other a bitch. You could tell because she was jealous of her little sister’s dance prowess and had loads of kohl on. Anyways, there’s this handsome woodcutter whose got abs of steel. (He was shirtless) He watches the little sister dancing by the river and falls for her. Older sister likes him too, so she POISONS HER SISTER. the dude comes and sees her dead body and the vial of poison. He susses out what happened and glares at the bitchy one. She has the’ oops!’ look on her face. He drinks the poison too and dies at his love’s feet. The Unni, seeing the err of her ways, drinks the rest of the poison and dies too!!! I just stood there, dumbstruck. When I regained consciousness, I started cackling with glee…like a mad person. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL(the ending) I went around and told my friends about it and they thought I was crazy.
          Anyways, I like happily ever after as much as anyone, but damn, I love it when loads of people die. I watched Smokin’ Aces a while back. It appealed to this side of me. IT’S ALL BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD. People falling like flies. Look it up. All the famous names you’ll see in the cast list DIED in the film…well, Except for Alicia Keys and Common and whats his name…*can’t remember*
          THIS COMMENT HAS GOTTEN WAY TO LONG. Hope you don’t think I’m crazy,. Cheers!

      • MadDino says:

        I only finished What Happened in Bali because I read ahead. I found the end and had to watch that! That ending sounds awesome. People often think I’m crazy, being named after a paranoid, Canadian-hating squirell can do that to.


  5. Becoming Bitter says:

    You almost figured me out Raine. I’m just as you imagined. I like making muggles happy because it makes them more inclined to join my army.

  6. Becoming Bitter says:

    Okay then I’ll make a list… *accio follow/followers list*
    This is going to take some time.

  7. Raine says:

    MadDino – I’ve been taking like an hour everyday just to go through all of the websites and be social. I’m also trying to think up ways I can creatively contribute to the community. So if you notice any classical music in shows, let me know! I’m trying to write about it all! And yes, you are a goddess for that recapping post. I will say it again and again. My PC FINALLY got fixed so I’m going to try to use that software. I’m using Jing right now.

    • MadDino says:

      Yaya! I will do the happy fixed PC dance. Probably a light jig. I don’t know if I could spend an hour a day on other sites. How do you go through the site? Do you use an RSS reader or just visit the ones you can remember?

      • Raine says:

        I have a list that I peruse through and comment randomly on what I can. Or else there is too much to comment on…and my PC was fake fixed. I’m going to try again though because I’m a PC person at heart.

  8. Becoming Bitter says:


    *Reads the everybody dies MV comment*

    You belong to the dark side. You may be a muggle, but I see loads of potential in you. I give you a bitter mark.

    • Haha, you want another funny story? Well it’s not funny really, more like sad. I started reading Harry Potter when I was in fourth grade. I was a huge bookworm, and this was a time when not everybody lived, breathed ate Harry Potter. Anyways, I was 9 at the time, and had read whatever books had been released at the time. On the eve of my 10th birthday I had butterflies in my stomach. I dared to hope that, like Harry, I’d get an owl with my letter from Hogwarts. Everyone had gone to sleep and I waited…and waited…
      By early morning I knew I was a muggle. I was not special enough to be a witch. I was heartbroken.
      THINKING ABOUT IT STILL MAKES ME FEEL BAD. SO thank you for that particular compliment. I’ll take the dark side, I’ll take anything I can get. 😛

    • MadDino says:

      @jawavillager My unni! Don’t touch!

      @rain Hi, unni! I’ll fight over you any day!

  9. Becoming Bitter says:

    @ Ranting Cello – Your my Unni too.
    That doesn’t matter though. I’m a pureblood.

  10. Becoming Bitter says:

    You wound me Lady Dino. Nonetheless, I’m not a woman to be trifled with. You hail from K-drama land so I forgive you for your audacity to question my powers.

    • MadDino says:

      I always question the power of others. Where is your hoard of mutant lightsaber-weilding rabbits?

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        I don’t need mutants when I have evil and sentient death eaters following me. The villager happens to be one of them.
        Truth be told… my wand is enough to take care of anything or anyone you throw at me Lady Dino.

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