This is a lazy post

Wanna know what’s up today? Nothing. Felt like writing, so I’m going to regurgitate an old email I sent to a friend of mine in the hopes of ‘converting’ her into a K-pop listener. *proud smiles*

I myself only recently started listening to Korean music. First I’d just download the soundtracks from the dramas I watched when they appealed to me  (obviously they’d appeal to me. When you keep hearing the same songs throughout a piece you love, you inevitably end up forming an emotional attachment to the song as well) then I gradually started looking up other songs by singers/bands that I noticed frequently appeared on my downloaded songs list. I used to think that Korean music was all about slow ballads and overly cutsey-fied ‘idols’. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they actually made GOOD music, off the drama soundtracks. I eagerly looked up the previously-unknown-to-me stuff and from there on out I was pretty much lost. The music videos! The dances! The outrageous costumes! Oh my. I found SO MUCH stuff, and I have to admit I’ve barely sampled what’s out there.  Seems like there’s a never-ending list of songs by so-and-so and such-and-such that I’ll never be able to finish, SO I don’t bother.I find little bite-sized pieces of music, and enjoy them to within an inch of their lives. Then I move on and find fresh meat…I mean songs.

I think I may be committing voluntary ‘credibility suicide’ by putting up this post, especially after all the purist hullabaloo in my last post. =) BUT I’d be lying if I said I didn’t listen to pop…K-pop, that is. And one of the first commandments I came up with while going into this blog thing was ‘ Thou art to be true unto yourself’…or something like that. Therefore I shall write this whole thing as best as I can, and when the time comes to click ‘Publish’, I shall clench my fist (my left one, because my right one will have the mouse in it. LOL) and after an undoubtedly dramatic pause, click it.

This was actually an old email, as I have mentioned above, to a friend, and looking back, I think I may have been a little high when I wrote it. I’ve only given it some superficial ‘tweaks’, fixing punctuation and such, as opposed to plastic surgery, because I was feeling lazy. But now, having written so much on the topic, I feel kinda weird pasting the whole thing as-is. Heh. Plus I kinda want to change the songs…Also, I didn’t write much on each song, in the hopes of not scaring her off. Oh well.

NOTE: These songs are supposed to be watched with their videos ONLY. I believe I’m onto something when I say this, because the songs are good, but with the videos? They’re entertaining as Hell, and never fail to make me feel better. Seriously, I don’t bother putting the songs on my iPod (My iPod’s nickname is Ancient iPod. It doesn’t support video. GASP), instead I just have a nifty file hidden somewhere on my computer filled with downloaded music videos. And they NEVER fail to lighten up my mood and make me smile. I think the Koreans may have invented a form of mind control or mental crack that they’re propagating through their music videos. Who cares, honestly? Gimme the cute guys, catchy beats and DANCES and I will be yours. I’m cheap that way.

Here it is:

THE MUSIC VIDEOS I TOLD YOU ABOUT!! (I’d given her prior warning before sending it out)
Get ready, fasten your seltbelts, It’s gonna be an awesome ride through modern Korean music. I’ll write little introductions here and there wherever I see fit.

First off, here’s the song called Go! by the band Big Bang, that I told you about. They’re a kind of hip-hop/popish band, and less girly than other ‘idols’. Only 5 members, all hot, except for one, whom you shall figure out for yourself after watching this video. (Yes, I didn’t like Daesung at first, just because he was less gorgeous than the rest. I’m ashamed of it now. :))

Catchy, aint it? Did you spot the tall wicked-looking one TOP? And the guy with the ahjumma hair GD? And the cute younger looking one Seungri? And the dancer dude in red pants, Taeyang? You didn’t? *sigh* Then watch it again…or better yet, download it like I did.:D

Now here’s their music video for ‘Lies’. GD is the main guy in it, the one who gets hauled to jail.

How do you like em so far?
Here’s the video for ‘Haru Haru’. The girl in it is the girl playing LEE MIN HO’s love interest in City Hunter. The song is really good, but I don’t really get the story of the video. GD is her friend who loves her from afar, and TOP is the girl’s boyfriend, who seems like a douche and somehow keeps them apart. Watch for yourself.

And here’s GD’s single called ‘Heartbreaker’. He’s got platinum blonde hair in this one and is ROCKING IT. It’s much better than the ahjumma hair.:) HE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT, but good different.

Moving on, we have a band called SHINee, pronounced ‘shiny’. (Weird, I know. I only found out about it recently). THEY’RE ALL REALLY YOUNG. Here’s their song called ‘Lucifer’. I don’t get the song’s lyrics, like what they mean and all, BUT I LOVE IT REGARDLESS. OMG, the dance will BLOW YOU AWAY. I found out about them through *Mutual Friend*, who’s a HUGE fan. They did a reality show a few years back, and I watched a few episodes. DUDE, they’re AWESOME. Funny as hell, competitive, always making fun of and/or ganging up on each other. I know all of their names and personalities. Who’s petty, who’s innocent, who’s the guy who always does ‘the right thing’, who’s the most ‘diva’ of them all. The show’s worth checking out, called Hello Baby. Watch this video for Lucifer, keeping in mind that the youngest guy is 17 and the oldest is 21, DURING THE TIME THE VIDEO WAS TAKEN.

What did you think of THAT? Bet you HAD to watch it more than once. Here’s their first ever single that got them famous. The youngest guy was ONLY 14 and the oldest was 19 at the time this was shot.

EEEEEEEEEEE!!! The video isn’t that special, but the song is surprisingly nice. THEY LOOK LIKE BABIES IN IT! Here’s their song called ‘Ring Ding Dong’. YOU WILL LIKE THIS VERY MUCHO. (Yes, I sometimes talk weird with my close friends.)

You diggin’ it yet? I don’t expect you to be able to identify any of them or tell them apart right now, but after watching these videos a few million times, you will. I just know it.

Now for an honorable mention. I’m only including this song because *Mutual Friend 2* liked it. I like it OK, but I don’t love it. The video is…interesting. I like the whole song except for the chorus, which I found annoying as hell. This is mblaq’s song, ‘Y’.

Lastly, I’d like to wrap this up with a song by Kim Hyun Joong’s band SS501. (Kim Hyun Joong as in that guy from Boys Over Flowers who doesn’t get the girl) This is the only song of theirs I’ve heard. It’s pretty decent, though I wish KHJ had gotten more screen time. As much as I hate to admit it, he looks good. Older, but good. Its surprising to see EXPRESSIONS on his face. Its surprising to see him DANCING, MOVING AROUND, and not just standing ram-rod straight or sleeping like he always is during dramas.

And we have reached the end of our journey. Hoped you liked the songs, or at least were entertained. DO TELL ME WHATCHU THINK!!!!

*End of email*

People, if you were persuaded by my incessant babble on the songs, and you liked the songs themselves and want to ‘convert’ others, feel free to share this post. No really, I’m not asking you. GO DO IT, or I will feed you to the rabid fangirl masses. Trust me, they can be scary.


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9 Responses to This is a lazy post

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    I’ve already seen Why and Ring Ding Dong. I do agree with some of your views. What do you think about A-Cha or Sorry, Sorry by SuJu? What about… Breath or Shock by Beast? Man mani (something like that) by UKiss? Oh and one more thing, I have to say J-Rock is awesome. Youtube the songs I’ve mentioned unless you already listened to them. Also youtube Toxic Gazette. Anyway… thanks for this post because it made me smile. I feel really upset today. I saw someone that made me feel like crying. This person didn’t do anything to me, but fate did something to them. I just need a cyber hug… I feel like I’m gonna explode into pieces. You said I was a bigsoftie and I guess I kinda am. Though I don’t normally feel like this, I just do today.

    • From the Korean songs you mentioned I have only heard Sorry Sorry by Suju (That was an entire phase of my beginning to love K-pop). I’ve heard a couple of songs by Gazette, but Guren was the only one that blew me away. I shall check out Toxic as well as the other songs you’ve mentioned.
      I feel like I’ve accomplished something if I cheered you up a little. *BIG FAT CYBER HUGS FOR YOU* Hope you feel better tomorrow, hon. Fighting!

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Villager thanks for the hugs. So other than my own personal problems. That person I mentioned shared a story called the 44 days of torture. If you haven’t read it, let me warn you it is extremely disturbing and its meant to give a message. Just google it if you’re interested.

        • I actually know about that. Found out recently and couldn’t get it out of my head for a long time. Words cannot describe what that poor girl went through. Those SOB’s should be tortured and killed. ugh.

  2. i do agree with most of your choices! Love Ya is one of my fav SS501 songs (you should really try out KHJ’s other songs, “Please” or “Lucky Guy” MVs for starters, heck the whole of his 2nd mini album is good IMO),
    and i adore Lies and Haru Haru (nothing that Big Bang has done ever since has ever come close to the epicness of those 2 songs).
    Shinee’s Replay is also one of my all-time favs ^^

    • thanks for commenting. Will check out the songs you’ve mentioned. And I agree, Haru Haru and Lies are the EPICEST (yes, that’s a word )songs made by them. Those guys are pure awesomeness in themselves. I was traumatized, tho, the first time I watched HAru Haru. I COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT THEY KILLED NANA BEARRRR! I mean Park Min Young. 😛

  3. Hibaaaa S. says:

    hahahaha i feel very very special atm :”’)) <3<3

    keep me smiling wid ur work my woman 😀 ❤ loll 🙂

  4. MadDino says:

    Haru Haru is now my lucky song. I found my keys while listening it. I lost them yesterday and I don’t have a spare key and Mr. Dino had already left with his keys. I found them just in time to make it to work.

    I also really liked that song and Lucifer and the BOF guy looks really different.

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