Meet Music Me

I love music. Honestly, who doesn’t? But I’ve perfected my skills in being able to say exactly what I do and do not like to the extent that I do look down on people who, at my age, still say that they ‘don’t really know what kind of music they like’ and with a shrug, say they’ll ‘listen to anything’. Seriously, people, have you no soul?

I believe that the kind of music you listen to very clearly defines who you are. It’s probably the most accurate, if crude, form of personality test there is. For example, if someone listens to Top 40 and mainstream pop ONLY, they are a minion of evil…or they just have no individuality whatsoever. If someone only listens to the ‘beat’ and the lyrics don’t matter to them, then they lack depth. And so on.
Also, to me, the kind of music that defines you isn’t the stuff that you listen to that everyone else also happens to listen to(everyone listens to some mainstream); it’s the stuff you listen to that no one else does, no matter how embarrassing such tracks may seems sometimes. And everyone has songs like that. (You know you’re always scared someone will stumble across one of those song on your Ipod when it’s on ‘shuffle’. )

Therefore, I have attempted to prepare a musicification(the opposite of personification) of ME. These songs will be the ones that represent different aspects of ME. Most of the people I know don’t listen to these kinds of songs, yet these songs are truly special to me. They never cease to inspire me and they all are pretty amazing so I’ve never gotten tired of them. This will in no way be a complete musicification, because that would be a ginormous, ever-growing list that no one would have the time nor patience to sit through. POINT TO NOTE: while going through this playlist you must strictly adhere to the rules. The rules are:

1. That you may not skip over songs, pause them or listen to them in any order other than the chronological order.

2. You must read the descriptions, intros, etc corresponding to each song and NOT MOVE ONTO THE NEXT SONG’S INTRO till the current song is over. You may start listening to the song while reading the intro above it. (In fact, that would be preferable.)

Yes, I am serious.

First song up is Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. This song IS SO AMAZING, I swear. I was entranced by it the first time I heard it, and have loved it ever since. The music is soothing, wild and spontaneous all at the same time. You can’t help but space out during songs as good as this. All I honestly understand of the lyrics are the first two words spoken (sweet disposition) and that’s it, but that doesn’t keep me from loving it.

Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Wasn’t that something? If you liked it, go listen to Fader by the same band. It’s quite different from Sweet disposition, but GOOD different. Makes me wanna get up and dance every time I listen to it.

Next up is the song Here With Me by Dido featuring Enya. I love Dido. I love her voice. NO ONE sounds like that. Like, you have singers with powerful vocals that awe you with their rapidly fluctuating non-human sounding voices (read: Beyonce) but you also have so many more who can or at least get close to doing the same. Dido’s voice is her own. Dreamy and sensual and humbling in it’s simplicity. I love the way this quiet song slowly builds up and moves me with it’s harmony.

Here With Me by Dido featuring Enya

Next up is Believe by The Bravery. THIS song is the retro chick in me. I love alternative music, but music with a little of the past artfully combined with modern music to create something that appeals to people of today like me, is pure genius. This song ROCKS. I first heard it as a soundtrack in a movie and I HAD to immediately go to the credits and download it for myself. I LOVE the instrumental bridge starting at 02:20. Watch out for that one.

Believe by The Bravery

aaaahhh. How goes it so far? Next is my ‘happily ever after’ song. Very aptly named, I think, because the first time I heard it was during the end of Penelope, when I was already drowning in bliss at seeing the two main characters finally get their happy ending. This song is so perfect, so innocent, so pure, I can’t begin to describe it properly. It’s by an Icelandic band, if I remember correctly, so the lyrics wont make sense, but I think it’s even more beautiful because of it. Not knowing the meaning just adds to the mystery and I can just imagine them to mean anything I want, so I invariably imagine them to mean the most beautiful, poetic meanings ever. This song is the seasons, it’s princesses and princes, it’s hope, it’s true love, it’s life. It’s MY happily ever after.

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

*a moment of silence to honor that song*

Next we have Louder than Thunder by the band The Devil Wears Prada from their album With Roots Above and Branches Below. This is my emo song. I can relate to it on so many different levels. Its hauntingly lonely and full of yearning. And the lyrics! Listen to the lyrics. When it all gets too much, when you’re continually  surrounded by people who don’t understand you or disappoint you and you’ve had enough and want to not care anymore, listen to this song.

What would it take for things to be quiet?
Quiet, like the snow.
And I know this isn’t much but,
I know I could I could be better.

I don’t think I deserve it;
Find your way into my heart.
All stars could be brighter.
All hearts could be warmer.

Louder Than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada

Next is What Sarah Said by Death Cab for Cutie. It’s about love and death, and was the first song that made me truly realize and appreciate the difference between English and Bollywood songs. (I’d gotten really sick of being forced to listen to them(Bollywood songs) and wanted to put my finger on exactly why they didn’t appeal to me) Bollywood songs have only one theme; love. Not the universal, relatable kind, but the improbable, over-mushy kind. This song made me realize how songs can have themes other than that only outside the Bollywood bubble.(No offense  to all you Bollywooders) What Sarah Said sketches the scene of a hospital waiting room, waiting for your loved one to leave you. The feeling of waiting for the inevitable, and simultaneously not wanting it to come. Its sad and poignant and I’ve never come across a song since that described that moment as vividly as here. The part at the end ‘Love is watching someone die…So who’s going to watch you die?’ almost floored me. What a powerful song.

What Sarah Said by Death Cab for Cutie

What Sarah Said Lyrics:

And it came to me then that every plan is a tiny prayer to father time
As I stared at my shoes in the ICU that reeked of piss and 409
And I rationed my breaths as I said to myself that I’d already taken too much today
As each descending peak on the LCD took you a little farther away from me
Away from me

Amongst the vending machines and year-old magazines in a place where we only say goodbye
It stung like a violent wind that our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds
But I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose than to have never lain beside at all
And I looked around at all the eyes on the ground as the TV entertained itself

‘Cause there’s no comfort in the waiting room
Just nervous pacers bracing for bad news
And then the nurse comes round and everyone will lift their heads
But I’m thinking of what Sarah said that “Love is watching someone die”

So who’s going to watch you die?..

Time for a feel-good song! I don’t know much about Joe McElderry,(aside from the fact that he’s British, which automatically places him in my good books. British people make awesome music.)but I LOVE this song.
Ambitions by Joe McElderry

This is one of the songs I discovered on my quest to find out what people saw in olden music. I came across some pretty amazing songs, but this is one I think anyone, of any age can enjoy and appreciate. The song itself isn’t particularly old (released in 2000) but the band itself, Radiohead, is a true pioneer. Thank you for paving the way for the entire alternative music genre. I salute you.

Idioteque by Radiohead

Time for another feel-good song! Ingrid Michaelson always brings a smile to my lips. The soft lilt of her voice, the cryptic yet imaginative lyrics. It was hard to choose which song of hers to put in here but when I heard this song once again I knew it was a no-brainer. Everyone’s heard the line, ‘ Love doesn’t pay the bills’ but what if it did? The idea of it actually doing so, of loving so much that you did all sorts of crazy but nice things for people, like giving away free sweaters and buying your parents homes in France, is a dreamer’s and die-hard-romantic’s paradise.

You and I- Ingrid Michaelson

Next is Spanish Sahara by Foals. I know nothing about the band. All I know is that this song is beautiful. It’s the quiet, slow build-up of momentum that leads to an earth-shattering revelation that I love. I love songs like this, whose lyrics can be interpreted in so many ways. Soothing, rejuvenating, melodic, hypnotic.

Now the waves they drag you down
Carry you to broken ground
Though I find you in the sand
Wipe you clean with dirty hands

So god damn this boiling space
Spanish sahara the place that you´d wanna
Leave the horror here
Forget the horror here forget the horror here
Leave it all down here
It’s future rust and it´s future dust
I’m the fury in your head
I’m the fury in your bed
I’m the ghost in the back of your head

Spanish Sahara by Foals

LIFEHOUSE! Need I say more? I had SUCH A HARD TIME CHOOSING ONE SONG ONLY. Their songs are evergreen, you will always find them just as amazing as the first time you heard them. I love the crescendo in this one. The lyrics are typical Lifehouse, a beautiful message hidden in a great song. My love for you is blind. Truly.

Blind by LIfehouse

I had to have at least ONE One Republic song. IT’s One Republic. Nuff said. Had a hard time choosing one song here too. One Republic is one band whom, in my opinion, can do no wrong. ALL of their songs have a different taste of awesome in them. Soulful lyrics and voice, and mesmerizing music; how can anyone not love them?

All Fall Down by One Republic

Next is Talk by Coldplay. THIS WAS THE HARDEST ONE TO CHOOSE. So many songs to choose from! Whenever I think of Coldplay, the phrase ‘real music’ pops into my head, don’t know why. I can listen to one of their songs a million times before I actually ‘get’ it. I my think I get the song before one day realizing a completely different interpretation of the lyrics. Blows my mind, man. I can never get tired of them.

Talk by Coldplay

Last song! This is Lisztomania by Phoenix from their Grammy Award-winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. (I was so happy when they won!) Start dancing to the song. This song makes absolutely no sense to me, but I love the randomness. Their entire album is full of awesomeness like this, except that I can actually decipher the meaning behind those.

Lisztomania by Phoenix

Phew! That took an oddly long time to organize and write up. Now that you’re through, How’d you like meeting music me? Did this playlist open new horizons of music-listening for you? Are you now one of the enlightened? Or, on a less dramatic note, did you enjoy the songs? It’s OK, you can comment, you know.


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I am a mad scientist with an underground lab rivaling Dexter's that I will soon use to rule the world. Join my army or be killed in the aftermath.
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12 Responses to Meet Music Me

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    I have so much to say. Loved Bravery. Never heard it before. Liked the song from the Penelope movie. By the way, I loved that movie as well! Love anything from Lifehouse (My favorites are Everything and You and I), Coldplay, and One Republic.

    Now onto what I really want to say. You made me bitterly laugh and insulted in me within a range of 3 paragraphs. Villager! I will listen to music if it has a good beat (and suckish lyrics) and I do listen to anything (because I’m open to everything). I listen to Take That – song “Kidz (come out)”. Take That is a British band. I also love British people. I’ve been told I can mimic their accent perfectly. I also like listening to purely beats like anything from Crystal Method (Name of the Game, High Roller). Supermassive Blackhole by Muse. Love Muse. No I am not a twilight fan and I never read the damn books!

    There are plenty more songs that I listen to, but those come to mind. Nice post Villager. Keep up the good work. Listen to Take That – Kidz on YouTube if you haven’t heard it before. Now tell me according to this rough personality test am I bitter or normal?

    • LOL, I re-quote ‘everyone listens to some mainstream’ and the crap personality test result corresponds to those who ONLY listen to certain kinds of music. You just demonstrated that you do NOT fall into that category. You like most of the same stuff I do, and you liked Believe, so that’s a MAJOR vote in your favor. LOL. I love Supermassive Blackhole too! Especially the intro, that was b*tchin’ dude. Twilight is so overrated. I read the books waay before there were any movies on the horizon. I’ve heard only a few songs by Take That, but I loved one song in particular, Patience. I was speechless the first time I heard that song, in someones car, I think. 😛 I shall definitely give Kidz a listen. British people make awesome music, agreed. I can mimic their accent really well only if I’ve watched a British movie within the past week. I was THINKING to myself in a British accent for quite a while after watching the Harry Potter film. And as for your last question: You seem normal, coated with a shiny layer of bitterness. Not at all soulless or bland.

  2. Hibaaaa S. says:

    GASP!! u biased little thing!! u really gotta keep ur mind open to opinions u no…not everythin u say has to b right ok? 😛 o but….i still LOVE READING WAT U WRITE!!! its krazy hilarious LOLLL

    oh leme tell u wat i mainly disagree wid: “ppl who listen to only music lack depth”….dude..sumtimes lifes a bit too bzzy to actualy bother wd de words comin outa de stuck-up singers mouth…sumtimes…its jus easier to shake ur bootay n dance dance:D not only is dat stress-relieavin, but main duz it spark life up:D LOL…no but really jawa consider this 🙂



    • Becoming Bitter says:

      I know… I was joking. 🙂 Wait… I don’t smile. 😦 I was Bitterly joking. You definitely had some points. I’m open to everyone’s opinion (now you know) except @ssholes. Why thank you and I love reading your crazy, hilarious, and uniquely -you- stuff too. Yes exactly, I love to “dance” (Read: drive at dangerous speeds listening to purely heavy beats or pound the crap out of people). I have started to jawa consider everything you have said villager since the moment I joined this blog. Much love and you know I loved your post. Musification. Hell ya. You know those “personality” tests… you should design one for music. Really do that.

      • That was my friend, but THANK YOUU. You know I’m new to the blogging thing but it’s seriously so awesome to get to know and interact with people like you. Love your posts too, my bitter friend. Let’s be un-bored together.:)

    • Haha, relax man. LIKE I SAID, that’s only for people who mindlessly ONLY listen to songs like that, either because they’re too JAAHIL to know what the words mean or ….they’re just minions of evil. LOL, I listen to all types of music, I forgot to mention that in the post, its just that they don’t entertain me for very long and neither do they feel like a pert of me like the songs above (and many more that i did not include in the list.) and THANK YOU

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Relax? If I had a dime for every time someone told me this… I’d be the new rich kid on the US billionaires block. I burst my stress balls all the time. You used the word – Jaahil – meaning idiot. Did you know I was desi? You’re cute you know. You’ve made me say something nice. Never and I repeat never mention this to anyone. I have studied the art of Chinese torture. I would hate to use it on you. It would make me more bitter.

      • Can’t reply to your comment so I’m typing above your comment right here.
        OMG you’re desi? The fact that you watch Korean dramas and mychonny made me think you’re the other kind of Asian. Never wuda guessed. AND you said something nice, you inner softy, you. Thank you and no, I don’t want to sample Chinese torture.

  3. Becoming Bitter says:

    *Whispers* Yes Villager I am…*cue dramatic music* Desi. Though I don’t like admitting it. I have a bucket load of stories to explain why. Softy? Me? You must be referring to another commenter. They call me Bitter. Becoming Bitter. Now for some Desi humor…

    Tum mujhe bahot achi lagti ho *Lagaan british actor accent*

    • haha. And I can understand the not-wanting-to-disclose-ethnicity thing. Anonymity on the internet is awesome, is it not? Or else how would I be here, in my little shack by the river in Jawaville?

  4. uneduestres says:

    you have good taste in music :’)

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