OHMIGOD.  It’s finally here. MY FIRST POST!
At last, somewhere where I can be free! Free to be as weird as I want! Finally, a place to let out my inner snarkiness! A place to talk/write about all my weird obsessions without having to tone it down so others won’t think I’m crazy! Yay! No more watering down of my opinions or dumbing down of my vocabulary! (OK that sounds awful, but whatever. THAT’S THE POINT OF THIS BLOG. I don’t have to care! OK maybe a little caring is good. Don’t wanna come off as mean.) I’M SO EXCITED! Even at the expense of seeming cool! What I feel can be likened to a little girl who used to live in a tiny cramped house and suddenly moved into a big house with her own room. And said little girl is jumping up and down, running from corner to corner of her room, mind racing with possibilities of how she’ll turn the bare, impersonal  walls into her own. 😀 That feeling in me might change, but I’ll revel in it now.

Where do I start? What do I write about first???? There’s SO MUCH.  Let’s see, there’ll be movie reviews, stupid rants on stupid stuff (naturally), reviews and effusive praise (also known as squeeing) on any Korean/ Asian thing I happen to be watching and like. I’ll even write up on good books that I might happen to come across and want to recommend. Hmm. I’m sure there’s more, but we’ll get there eventually. OOH playlists! Posts on music! I KNEW I was missing something.

Well, I’ve got my work cut out for me. *cracks knuckles* No, not really. I don’t know how to crack my knuckles. BUT FIGURATIVELY, yes.

One last thing. Don’t expect greatness from me, but damn if I won’t be the best mediocre you’ve ever read.


About thejawavillager

I am a mad scientist with an underground lab rivaling Dexter's that I will soon use to rule the world. Join my army or be killed in the aftermath.
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7 Responses to FIRST POST!!!

  1. Ali Raza says:

    Congratz Jawa … 😀 finaly you have a place to right down everything / anything you want to 😀

  2. hibaby says:

    M LOVIN DIS COMPLTLY M SO HAPY U HAV A PERSONAL SPACE FR AL UR INCREDIBLE WORK NOW!!!! this desrvea to b noticed ALL aroundddd:DDDD *wide wide smile*

  3. eva626 says:

    where it all started…. congrats on starting a blog. (i am very late but what ever).

    For me I had to start over like four times when it came to blogs. The first two were cause I didn’t like blogger, the third..well thats explained in the first post of my current blog. And the fourth is my current blog. lol.

    anyway I am here to join your blogging journey Jawa. !

    • Thank you, eva. I chose this blogger after careful observation of other sites. It took me quite a while to get started. Indecision about what screen name to use was the biggest obstacle. I’m loving blogging, and I love that you read the crap I write even though you may not share the same opinion. 😀 You rock the hut! (a phrase coined by a fellow blogger that I have started using)

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